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It was part of the reason he has a thread now. All the posts he made were moved here. Why he's so quick to talk about his sex life and wife in such a manner is beyond me and frankly disgusting.
It's very telling, though. He reduces her value to her looks and her sexual performance. That she's OK with that for now suggests that she's not as "mature for her age" as he claims.

It's very telling, though. He reduces her value to her looks and her sexual performance. That she's OK with that for now suggests that she's not as "mature for her age" as he claims.
I would say nor Groomer considering he thinks it's okay to even mention any of that shit in a public setting.
Honestly, why couldn't there be a time machine, I kinda feel like going back 100 years or so just to avoid this shit some times.

If that's true, it just makes me feel worse for his wife, because it reinforces how young and immature she is. And that she obviously never got the chance to be with a decent, respectful guy before this creep inserted himself into her life.
It's also telling how over the line his treatment of her is that nobody around here jumped on the obvious Shane the creep inserting himself joke

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Shane just isn't funny when he speaks of her this way. It is horrifying that he possibly knew her when she was 3. Don't want to even think of what he could've been doing to her. If something ever does come out when she was underage, I hope he gets nailed.

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It's quite telling when the only thing we know about his wife is that Shane met her through her dad who's his BFF, and she had such a hard life before marrying him that her age and I guess "experience" (already having had one child) is probably why she has "great endurance" in bed while she sucks him off, which constitutes as great sex for him. It really just sounds like he's trying to refer her to some pimp for extra cash and I need a long shower for typing that out.

The 'irony' here is Groomer thinks everything is under one classification 'sexual assault.' So of course hugs and kisses are sexual assault but someone barely legal, age difference of 20 years, her dad had to 'force' them to get married AND came from a dysfunctional background (marriage and growing up) is okay. He could have easily been more a cuck and stay'd friends tell she got her life together before thinking about marriage but you new, 4-6 months without a GF must be harsh, even harsher if you 'love' someone smh.
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"They're all just jealous they couldn't groom their own wives. I'm not a creep!"

Where was this? In the general thread?
Just click on his username (@Shane_Yes_That_One) and go to "postings", look at the shit he admitted to with barely any prodding


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Has he actually said anything positive about his wife beyond anything sexual? Not to go full SJW but I think thats textbook objectification. Why arent we crucifying this fucko instead of Vic again?
no he hasn't.

note: in fact, he claims he's the breadwinner of the two, that she has a job and he but he does most of the cooking and cleaning.

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"Haha, it's so funny seeing a guy's life get ruined over accusations that are complete bullshit, haha"
But he was totally on Vic's side and wanted the best for him. ...Shame you are such a slimy piece of shit


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I don't believe him for a second, as I stated previously:

He also inadvertently revealed that he most likely knew his current wife's dad ( and quite possibly her) while she was still a kid, seeing as he avoided answering the question of how long he's known her dad.
After reading up a bit more on who this guy is I'm certain he's either lying his ass off or he's using some kind of dumb technicality like a faggot. Like he's saying "I first met her when she was 19", leaving off the fact that "she was a different person after her first kid" or "as an adult". His personality would fit that lame "technically not lying" tactic.

The way he went about it and the effort he went into avoiding answering that question tells me everything I need to know about that relationship and where it started, that's for damn sure. If he wasn't pulling some crap like I mentioned above he'd have had no problem disclosing how long he's known her father.

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