Shannon Marie Evert / shaedog96 / Shaquana Jefferson - Hypocrite, klepto, fat, youtuber

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If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
lmao I had forgotten that this fat, smelly bitch even existed for like a month or so and I peeped back at the find a whirlwind of autism and shitposting and sockpuppets and bad trolls and possibly even ShitquanaLynn herself trying (and failing) to dunk on the Kiwis.

Hahaha yikes. Sorry I missed it. I bet she's shitting herself in rage over it still now but will pretend to laugh about how pathetic this thread is next time she turns on her shitty potato phone.

Bitch is taking my advice and terminating Egypt her beloved cat at the beginning of 2020. She must be getting hotter for Anthony to whisper sweet nothings into her ear every night in bed. Here’s how it would go: “You’re such a hot fuck Shannon. Let’s have a pizza slice at Cumbys tomorrow for lunch.”

Well well well. Our gorl Shaq is finally getting the "clout" she always wanted in her new video bashing Charlie Gold and other reaction channels. Shaq, people don't like you because your nasty attitude and contradicting ways. This is way beyond Charlie's choice in eyeshadow colors.

Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.

Regardless of whatever your personal feelings about Yaba (The Youtube Underground) may be....she pulls up in her redneck pickup truck and unloads a full round of ammo strait into Shannon's ugly gorilla face. Fucking lmao.

Yaba goes on for over an hour but she makes some great points and I got some good laughs out of this. Kiwi Farms gets a shoutout, Shaquana gets dragged through the mud like the pig she is, and I can only hope that Shannon sees this video and turns her chimp eyes on Yaba next. If she reesprees out at The Youtube Underground we might actually get a video slapfight on our hands sometime soon. Charlie is definitely above that kind of petty catfightfighting, but Yaba will fling ShaquanaLynn's shit right back at her.


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I seem to remember yaba putting up a video dragging shaquana, but deleting it soon after. this was a while back.


speariodically autistic

I'm surprised no one is discussing this, but then she is speaking against Charlie. Nevertheless, I'm happy to see this video and the tweets are opening the eyes of her some of her followers to see her for the lolcow she truly is.

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If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
The fact that most of Shaquana's vitrtiol and shit-flinging at Charlie Gold was documented over in the ALR boards instead of here is why I didn't bother to even look over in her own thread...lmao Shannon is such a crappy low-tier cow she isn't even worth keeping up with in her own thread.

@Petty_Crocker - Agreed. Callie needs her own thread. Jesus Christ. :stress:
She’s crazy. And I swear all these cows orbiting our beloved cows are possibly worse with bigger issues. She acts like Shaquana called for Charlie to be lynched and said the “N” word. I do think the “dark as shit “ thing was baiting people into reacting but I still didn’t care about what she said. It’s too bad she had valid points and messed it up by falling into the trap of sounding racist and offensive In a time where everyone is easily upset. Way to go Shannon,you just made them rally around Charlie !!! Ugh Callie needs an academy award for this performance... 🙄


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Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 7.09.26 PM.png

Shaq's newest community post. Saying she's not gonna talk about Charlie Gold, then proceeds to vomit on her keyboard about it.
"It's played out." and "I'm not wasting any more of my time defending my character..."
So then what is this right here? If you really didn't want to talk about it anymore or people to talk about it anymore, go silent.

Oh wait. That's impossible for her. What else is she gonna do all day?

ETA: also I'm a newbie so I have not archived if someone else wants to take that responsibility


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Seems like she's going to DFE. Most videos in OP have been removed, any archives?



LONG POST … I AM DISABLING COMMENTS ON ALL OF MY VIDEOS .. Pictures will be posted after this …. To show you what I am referring to.. okay guys... I am talking to MY ppl on here.. my true friends, subscribers .. that have been here through the years shared yourselves with me talked to me and made me feel like i had a family here.. I am talking to YOU... i have appreciated getting to know those of you that have actually commented here .. talked to me.. joined the livestreams.. helped me this summer for the shelter by putting my videos in play lists pressing play and leaving for work.. encouraging me on my WL and still do even when I fucked up and gained weight back. you being here sharing your own journeys has helped me a lot.. as some of you know I have been dealing with one or more people (don't know honestly) stalking my family on social media.. my mother uncle father sister nephew best friend ex gf .. her gf.. stealing their pics from Facebook and Instagram… google stalking them using their names or pictures to post disgusting comments here.. some weeks i don't have to deal with it and then other weeks they come out of the gutter and will come back every 5 mins with a new account .. i blocked most of it and removed the comments today as it was happening.. the picture is just 6 of those accounts.. there were more..... The other picture is just a very few of the comments I got today .. There were over 10 that I deleted that I didn’t screen shot first.. those are names and pictures of people I LOVE .. people that are innocent and don't deserve this at all.... its been going on for over a year.. to come on tonight to make another reading comments video for YOU ALL and see yet again that same stalking piece of human SHIT talking about my stepfather .. using his name using my mothers picture and her full government name.. using my 12 yr old nephews picture and name AGAIN... After the HUNDREDS of racist white bitch comments this week and now this again.. IM DONE... it was the straw that broke the camels back for me.. I refuse to come to MY channel and see people violating my family in that way anymore it can be done on kiwi farms where i have the choice to see it or not. this is my channel and even though i love talking to you guys i have the choice to not have to view those comments any more and i am making that choice.. .. NO … I did not bring this on myself.. just because i complained that my nephew was being a lazy spoiled brat 2 years ago and because I vented my frustrations online it doesnt give people the right to stalk him and the rest of my family on social media.. NO I didn't bring it on my self cause I made that video about Charlie gold and my response to Anna in the comments was "racist" this happened WAY before that video was made a week ago .. YOU cant justify stalking innocent family members based on how people view ME.. And NO this has nothing to do with me not being able to "take" the shit I dish.. I've been taking trash comments about my appearance and my channel in general on the chin for 3 years LONG before this Charlie Gold shit and LONG before this exceptional individual decided to make it their lifes work online to stalk the people i love.. and if my family wasn’t constantly being used by pigs in this way I would continue to take those comments on the chin and keep the comments open.. . Because I actually LOVE my channel and I LOVE talking to you.. and reading your comments.. But I love my family more and i value my sanity more... If I wouldn’t have been so hyper vigilant about keeping my boyfriend off this channel and not allow pictures of him to be seen in my house he would be going through the same shit as the rest of my family. Id rather be called a liar with a fake internet boyfriend that doesn’t exist then allow him to be stalked and doxed and his pictures posted on kiwi farms and used as google account pictures.. To have to keep the most important person in my life a secret for over 2 years because I'm afraid of what will happen to him and his career if his face or name is associated with this channel is DISGUSTING.. Because I am the happiest when he is with me and I wish I could share that with the ones I love here on YouTube.. But because of the toxic waste lurking around on my channel I cant.. if you leave I understand... i wouldnt watch an interactive channel that i couldnt interact with either.. so i wont be suprised angry dissapointed or anything if i lose another thousand subscribers by the end of the month.. i think i have been pretty clear from day one.. i made this channel for fun. to talk shit and meet likeminded people that i can relate to .. to learn new things and learn about myself from people i never would have met under any other circumstances.. i didnt make this channel for views for subscribers or a source of income... i will put ads in the videos until January because i still want to donate to the shelter.. but after the first of the year and i have done what i intended to do i wont monetize videos any more.. and if my videos dont get many views because im disabling the comments i will still be making a donation to the shelter with my own money.. so the animals wont miss out because of this regardless i will miss talking to you all.. miss the funny snarky comments miss hearing about your kids and your lives.. and i hope some of you will reach out from time to time and say hi on I.G and let me know how you are doing.. if you have channels that i am subbed to . i am never going to stop watching and supporting you.. ill leave comments when i can but know i am always watching <3 and i wish you all success and love..... I will upload amberlynn's latest video in a few mins followed by my last reading comments video... and then I guess i will take it from there.. if no one really watches it will no longer be worth my time to continue making daily videos. id rather do other stuff and ill upload when i can .. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND .. and see where i am coming from.. i may be a blunt sarcastic cunt but i am a person first that loves my family and i am just done...… i am the happiest i have ever been in my personal life and I refuse to consume poison when there is a full glass of water right in my hand to satisfy me… I LOVE YOU AND I AM SORRY YOU GUISE…

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If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
It was her nickname in jail, IIRC

Oof. It's been a while since I gave half of a rat shit about ShaquaLynn, but around Halloween she humped down on her smelly fupa and lit up a few more gutter cigs in order to REEEEEE a bit more about how wrong all of her haters are and that she will spend two entire screechy potato-phone videos setting the record strait addressing all the RUMORS and LIES about her....even though she totally doesnt care at all and is so very utterly unbothered you guys.

Btw Twinkie (you fucking lifeless KiwiFarms troll ass loser with 18 sockpuppet accounts and a huge boner for Charlie Gold who only heard about ALR like three months ago!) her name was given to her by these three totally real black girls who were her for real BFFs who she for real grew up with and they for real loved her like family and they all for real really exist for real! THEY all call her Shaquana, it wasn't from jail you rumor spreading haydur!

"MICHAEL LAWRENCE, I AM BLACKER THAN YOU ARE" - Shannon Evert, a white AF trash welfare pig in Vermont, 2019