Trainwreck Shannon Marie Evert / shaedog96 / Shaquana Jefferson - Hypocrite, klepto, fat, youtuber

Even though we're all trashy losers with no lives, she sure loves keeping tabs on the farms. Now she knows she can make more money by adding more ads, she's already starting a list of things she wants to buy with said money. She's obviously just jealous that Cxnt is able to keep some anonymity, and it bothers her for some reason.

Strawberry Pocky

That's how it is on this bitch of an earth
This is all exactly the exhausting nonsense I was talking about a while ago.

Shannon is a lolcow because she cannot keep her flabby, jowly smokehole shut about herself, her drama, her fucking underwear, jail, her man, etc etc etc, and just fucking react to ALR.
if she could get it through her head the SHE is the one who keeps poking the bear (or he Kiwi, so to speak) she would have almost no problems like this at all. When she manages to scrape her dumbass soup of a brain together enough to make a si gle calmer, more coherent Amber video it CAN actually be pretty good (cone for me, I like how savage and brutal she can be and I personally enjoy the reaction channels that blast the cows instead of asspat them)

But she just keeps shooting herself in the foot over and over again. And so I guess we will keep giggling about it? A fat, unemployed, chainsmoking loser absolutely chimping out and freaking her shit because she does nothing but stuff her face with junk and beer all day while watching Youtube and reading the Farms. Yikes.


False. She owns an American Pitbull terrier. The pitbulls that they use in dog fighting. They are very aggressive and WILL try to break out a window when they see prey, no matter how much you train them not to. It is in their blood.
I'm not going to get into a debate on the evilness of pit bulls, but the window thing is called barrier aggression and any breed of dog can do it.

If someone can stay off of youtube smoking on their toilet long enough it is possible to work with the dog to stop this behavior. And due to the pit bulls reputation, any responsible pitt owner should work to train their dog and not take a "what are you gonna do" approach, as with any large breed dog.

Pittbulls are also high energy dogs and need plenty of exercise. Like an hour of exercise, AT LEAST. I doubt this trainwreck spends enough time exercising her dog if she can't even be bothered to walk outside to smoke.

Well, it's not like she has a job or anything. 24 hours in a day; she spends 30 minutes of that filming for youtube.

The rest of the time she's in that house with her dog. She has mroe than enough time to train and exercise the dog. A lot more time than regular (read: working/student) people have with their pets.

More proof that she lets the dog run the house, hence its bad behavior.

Strawberry Pocky

That's how it is on this bitch of an earth

So....not only is Shannon SO MUCH SMARTER THAN YOU THAN US THAN EVERYONE ON EARTH SHUT UP NASTY ASS HATERS SHANNON KNOWS BEST FOREVER ALL THE TIME OKAY... apparently her aggressive as shit ill-behaved dog (that she herself has admitted multiple times and told long winded stories about destroying furniture and attacking children through plate glass) is now suddenly completely unique among all dogs?
Hahaha I'm fucking dying.

This is SUCH an unbelievably ALR-like response.

I like how she equates dogs to children, if your children are misbehaving you don't just let them do whatever they want that is actually inherently dangerous. Either don't compare pets to children, or at least be able to follow your line of reasoning though your rambling. I see she's been reading the farms though. Hi Shannon!

Strawberry Pocky

That's how it is on this bitch of an earth
What I find so hypocritical - and so funny - is that you could literally replace the name "Shaquana Jefferson" with "Amberlynn Reid" and that exact fucking sentence could dead on be their identical words. Nobody could tell the difference, I guarantee it.

She loooovveesssss to get on her soapbox and preach about how much better than ALR she is, but LOL. They are exactly the same in quite a few ways.
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Strawberry Pocky

That's how it is on this bitch of an earth
But...but...but...she feeds her baby dog a raw diet ya'll, she takes such goooooooood care of her. Lol.

No wonder "Anthony" is allergic to the dog, I would be too if someone I was dating had a badly trained pitbull.
I would honestly give any excuse as well, if I wanted to avoid ever having to go over to that gross horder den of a house.
Filled with aggressive misbehaved animals, stinking of smoke, filled with old junk and messy clothes and shit all over the floor and surfaces? Notice how whenever she 'hangs out with friends' she ALWAYS is going OUT or going to other people's places. I wonder why.



• Shannon bought a new scale on the WalMart website, wanted one like Amber has: one that talks and can take up to 700lb
• Unboxes the scale, it's a basic $20 one, but it gives her positive vibes
• She is proving all the haters wrong, don't ever call her a liar, she hasn't spent the last three months lying are her broken scale!
• You know she is a broke ass bitch and wouldn't spend $20 unless she had to (doesn't mention she just bought a new phone on impulse lol)
• Breaks her landlords rule and smokes in the bathroom
• Doesn't care about Ambers weight, cares about her excuses
• All the dresses Amber bought are ugly
• Gives Amber fashion advice (the blind leading the blind)
• Says Amber is gay for attention (Shannon talking about herself maybe)
• Says she is still part of the LGBTQ community even though she has a fake internet boyfriend.

Strawberry Pocky

That's how it is on this bitch of an earth
Adding to @Aldora 's breakdown because I'm only just now catching up to Shaquana

> Aparently she "broke" her old scale by "opening her bathroom door too hard" and it shattered into a billion goddamn pieces when the door knocked into it? OMFG WHAT HAHAA
> Proves all the HATERS wrong because WOW twenty bucks on a cheap basic bitch Walmart scale, good job sis
> Proves absolutely nothing at all because she doesn't actually stand on it or weigh in tho :story:
> Shits on AL's taste for a while.....seems to think a video about "Reacting to my Cringiest Vlog!" would be boring and worthless but ranting for half an hour about ANOTHER torrid haul is totally worth her time
> Goes on a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE political rant about the gays????? Jesus

I won't say where I stand or whether I agree or disagree with Shannon re: the whole LGBT thing in the video because of powerlevel reasons - but damn that was uncomfortable. But once again big gorl proves that she isn't just a hypocrite, she is exactly like Big ol' ALR in more ways than one. Totally avoids the scale and refuses to weigh in, makes a huge posturing soapbox deal about "OMG THE GAYS!" and shit on Amber for making being a Lesbian her identity and ego-strokes herself saying how she would never do that! But we have fucking heard her tell stories for YEARS about being a Lesbian and her ex-lover Helen and CAN SEE YOUR FUCKING GAY PRIDE TATTOOS ON YOUR SLOPPY TITTIES YOU DUMB COW.



Shannon weighs in in this video.

LOL alert:

End of last year she was 198lbs and because she was at her goal weight of under 200lbs(thanks to the five bite diet) she decided to go back on her meds. Started eating like a pig, eating pizza and drinking beer. Her scale broke but she kept weighing herself on it and it kept saying she was under 200lbs even though she could tell she was putting on weight, but kept using the broken scale and deluding herself that she had only put on "maybe 5lbs"

Weighs in using the new scale and she is shocked and appalled to be 235lbs, meaning she has put back on 37lbs, which is bad news guise.

Is going back on a diet, but not the five bite diet because she doesn't want to eat chocolate bars(but she totally has self control) and will lose weight by eating healthier and exercising using the elliptical machine that she has in her living room.

I fucking knew it. Not even shocked.

She's gained more than Amberlynn has this year. :story:

e: honestly I'm sure a lot of it is the alcohol she's been guzzling. Not only is it empty calories, alcohol lowers your inhibition so you're more likely to break a diet or just eat more carelessly in general. I'm not sure if she's bullshitting or if she's really stupid enough to believe that she's going to lose 40 fucking pounds using an elliptical and "eating hulthy"

Why NOT go back on the five-bite diet? You have proof that it works gorl. You are the proof. This is like when Amberlynn started losing weight on Weight Watchers but quit anyway because she'd rather "eat hulthy". She is so much more like Amberlynn than she realizes....
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Why NOT go back on the five-bite diet? You have proof that it works gorl. You are the proof. This is like when Amberlynn started losing weight on Weight Watchers but quit anyway because she'd rather "eat hulthy". She is so much more like Amberlynn than she realizes....
Shannons problem is that she doesn't know how to eat healthy, she has always been a fat pig and only lost weight by replacing one form of disordered eating(stuffing her face with everything she wanted) with another form of disordered eating(eating two snicker bars a day for six months) and as soon as she stopped her five bite diet, she went back to stuffing her face.

The only way she will lose weight is going back on her five bite diet, but I don't think she will, because she loves food too much(just like some other fatties we know)

Strawberry Pocky

That's how it is on this bitch of an earth
You guys basically said it all about how fucking stupid her On-and-Off dieting ia already, so I'll just get to the rest of this shitshow...

Shannon demonstrates that she has no idea what the word "lolcow" means. Aparently she is not one, but every single person who has an account on Kiwi Farms MUST be one instead, because Youtube videos? According to Shannon WE are all the lolcows, not her!!!!
She STILL does not actually step on the scale and weigh in, just says how much she currently weighs. (Hmmm, remind you of anybody, gorls?)
Oof, now here comes where she pulls out the big guns. Actually starts defending AL -somewhat- with the absolutely delusional and insane Narcissistic snapchat rant, saying that AL is in the right to defend herself and that anyone who leaves her "hate" and "makes up rumours and conspiracies" TOTALLY ARE SO HUGE SOCIOPATHS. BECAUSE THOSE SAME SOCIOPATHS COME AFTER SHANNON AND ARE ANTI SOCIAL FREAKS AND LOSERS AND MORONS WHO ATTACK VIRTUOUS PERFECT SHANNON OVER NOTHING ALL THE TIME.

Shannon....educate yourself. When the words of Amberlynn Reid fly over your fucking chubby eggplant-shaped head and are too complicated for you, you have a problem. You missed the point big time and you definitely don't know what "sociopath" means at all. Damn.

In fact, here. It's a really REALLY small time Channel, but I stumbled across it a few days ago and there's a small handful of AL content. She really REALLY went in depth and picked the Snapchat Rant/Sociopath thing apart really well. Listen the fuck up to what this Brit has to say, Shannon. Maybe you'll learn something.

Oh wait, this Youtuber is Bisexual. I forgot. You fucking HATE the gays now, don't you? You'll probablly have another smoke and a piss over this now. Oh well.

Shannon loves getting her ass kissed by all the middle-aged married housewives that watch her. I still don't think she's ever met said boyfriend in person. It's like one of her recent videos where she was saying she won't believe AL until she proves it with pictures, I won't believe you until you prove it to me, you've never met him. You said in your video you'll prove anyone wrong, prove me wrong, I'd love to eat my words. Shannon is the biggest hypocrite of them all.
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According to her most recent video, she says she gained the 37lbs over the course of three months.

Take that as you will.
It takes 3,500 excess calories to gain a pound of fat. (Meaning her TDEE + 3,500). Right? Someone correct me I'm wrong. But assuming for now that I'm correct:

That 3,500 alone is almost 130 thousand excess calories. Divide that by the three months (90 days) she said it took to gain and that's... about 1450 calories per day on average. And that would be in excess of her TDEE (which I am too lazy to look up right now).

So basically, she has been eating/drinking a SHIT LOAD of calories. How could she not notice such rapid weight gain? If she knew/felt how much/how fast she was gaining, she wouldn't be appalled by the number on the scale. I don't think it's possible. I think she knew she was fucking up hardcore but lied to herself and her viewers. Sound familiar? She was doing the Amberlynn thing of, "Oh I fucked up. But it could be worse so I'm proud of myself (: "

In fact I can't count the number of times she has boasted that she gained only a little bit of her 100+lbs loss back, but "only because of Lithium"... and then that she gained "a little more" back because she was slacking off. Excuses, excuses, excuses. She keeps saying she tends to get her ass in gear at the last minute well bitch summer is here! Where's the weight loss? Where are your bikini tops now gorl?

Now my question is, will she drop the "I lost 89 over 100 elbees that one time?" She said in a recent video that if you gain the weight back it doesn't count as weight loss and you don't get to claim it anymore.
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Now my question is, will she drop the "I lost 89 over 100 elbees that one time?" She said in a recent video that if you gain the weight back it doesn't count as weight loss and you don't get to claim it anymore.
One of the things that made me lol is that her goal weight was 185lbs but gave up when she got to 198lbs and went back to stuffing her face, looks like it isn't just Amber who can't keep to their goals.
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Strawberry Pocky

That's how it is on this bitch of an earth
I never ONCE saw a single photo of her "boyfriend" on Instagram before she suddenly went dark on Social Media (claiming it was because she has hundreds and hundreds of super-obsessed stalkers with dozens of sockpuppet accounts each that have nothing to do all day long but.....look at her Insta photos? Of her dog and her makeup selfies? That's literally all she ever posted.
Never any pictures of friends, or her out doing anything. Just bathroom selfie, bathroom selfie, dog, bathroom selfie, repeat, etc. So, no matter how many times she might say "OH I SHOWED ANTHONY BEFORE, BUT I WON'T DO IT AGAIN BECAUSE KIWI FARMS RUINED IT FOR YOU GUYS OH WELL SORRY EVERYONE" I'm hesitant to believe her because.......girl, he was never on your Instagram?

Oh @SAVE TWINKIE! I believe she is around 5'9" ? according to her. She posted a pic of herself in the high 280s-290s one time as a sort of "before" and gave that as her hieght in the caption. So you can use that to try to rough out a TDEE. But this was ages ago, in one picture, way before she DFE'd everything, and I never would have thought/bothered to save screencaps back then because she had shit open publicly.

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