ShannyForChrist / Shannon Eileen McGraw/Dornbush/Gattis & Jason William Egroff ("Rev" / "Baby Carrot") -

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puppeting your frustrations with the blinded flag
"I can't wait for the Lord to kick your motherfucking ass."
I see these morons haven't skipped a beat since last checking-in.
How shocking.
Would it surprise you if I told you that I have yet to come across Joe's obituary?
They were quite busy today.
This is why Rev nor Shanny can get jobs to support themselves in case you were wondering, haters.
Unfortunately, this first video is from x x.
I couldn't find the original video Shanny uploaded.

Scientist Sam threatens Sabella Shepard with false flagging campaign for years

It's quite unfortunate, because x x is a massive faggot and as such, naturally enjoys fag ops.
Somewhere within this cesspool of a live-stream lies her said cow-tip.

You're A Hate Enabler...

I miss Gman...
wow ...weren't you just trashing him not even a day ago? Apparently they've since made-up because they have a "psychic connection".

Going After Madzie and Irate Alex

Hannibal and Monty THE Whirlwind will get you.

Irate Alex's audience is Targeted Harrassing me (her spelling).

Commentary on The Situation

LOL Thanks For all of you for proving my point

Come On In Monty
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Rev and Shanny said that MANY times.
I looked at Monty and would I use that word to him based on what I saw? No. Drag, probably based on his need to flash his "overwhelming intellect", G-Man, DEFINETLY. To me it's not verboten. Would I say it in public/professional setting? No I am not a wigger like Rev and Shanny.

You have to understand the psychology of orbiters.
Draven/ Geekroom are the LOWEST on the totem pole and get lowest views. This is why he gave Rev the "platform". This clip will either get stolen by Jules Draven will be paraded around by Drag and forgotten. Draven has ZERO personality so I doubt he gains traction.
I wonder why they never complained when she went to visit G-Man and they ate chicken and watermelon?

If you are here for her "DEFENSE" of Hussy here it is attached below (Audio only- she stuck with the starfield motif):


  • hussnshan.mp4
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Looks like Revelation News Radio is gone:
Screenshot (318).png

Quick search shows nothing and Shanny cleared her videos again.

Looks like Revelation News Radio is gone:
View attachment 2509242

Quick search shows nothing and Shanny cleared her videos again.
You know I always find it WEIRD they celebrate.
Who are you going to "archive" now woman?
Screenshot_20210903-170713_Gallery.jpg Shot from Instagram I assume her channel was Yeeted.

This was on Twitch.
Yeah if this as for "vaccine misinformation" then fuck that and the loosers that flagged her for that.


True & Honest Fan
Does "may have to pause for homeschooling" mean she may have to pause being a fat fucking whore on the Internet to ""homeschool"" for a minute, or does it mean she may have to put ""homeschooling"" on pause? She might want to consider attending a semester of Remedial English for Fat Fucking Internet Whores before she attempts to homeschool anyone.

Some older Shanny stuff here too. There is a few more but I have NO idea how to get the others compressed more. (Spoilered videos are older.)


Witch Bitch
I finally saw the newest iratealex video snd holy shit- I hadnt seen the vid where jason talks about putting a bullet between her eyes. More stable guys have done worse so is jason just a ticking time bomb or still a simp?

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