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For me, it would have to Meteora, by Linkin Park. As much as they get made fun of for their older, edgy music, I find that some of the lyrics indeed matched how I have felt sometimes in my life and related to how I felt.


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I was torn between posting carpenter brut and gorillaz. I'm glad someone else did. The intro to turbo killer is like auditory cocaine.

I also like how two of the bridges are just "beat the shit out of your hi-hat" for the drummer.

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The Toadies did an album (Heretics) a few years back where they basically did covers of their own songs.

A little lazy, but it sounded cool.


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I found this little jem as CD on the side of a road I was walking down when I was a kid. No joke.

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Mister Qwerty

Listening to this you might mistake this to be an electronic music album but it’s actually 10 performers playing on one grand piano.

If you’re into experimental avant-guarde music give this a listen.

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Kill 'Em All by Metallica and Gorillaz' 1st and 2nd album.

19-2000, Rock the House, Feel Good Inc, Dirty Harry and Dare are some of my all time favourite Gorillaz tracks, but almost all of the tracks from Kill'em all are my favourite Metallica songs.

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