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Oscar Wildean

Happy Helloween.
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Someone always writes Book Of Secrets before me! It's such a gorgeous album.

No joke, my favorite album is the 20th anniversary soundtrack for Titanic. It's 4 discs of instrumental music.

I've got a thing for period film soundtracks.


100% I am legit honestly telling you the truth:
Around 2013 or 2014 I started seeing the numbers 242 EVERYWHERE literally.
I would dart my eyes to my computer's clock and each time I did that it would be 2:42 AM or PM, file transfers would be 2.42gb, thread posts would total 242 it got so bad I thought I was going crazy. I still see it occasionally to this day.
FYI I am familiar with Front 242 which is what I thought this was all about except .... when I googled the numbers I got some angel numbers thing that seemed very accurate HOWEVER the most interesting thing is that through searching for 242 in search engines I got ....

United Nations Security Council Resolution 242


Basically it says pissrael can't genocide dunecoons and take over the entire middle east, which is what they're currently doing.


Well, for me, its the 3rd LP released by the man who I use as my avatar. Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix. Released in 1968, it was a double-LP set and is mindblowing and as varied as you can get. It showcases the talent the man had, not only on the guitar, but arrangements and lyrics. When I first heard it more than 30 years ago, that was it. I have lots of greatest LPs, but ELL is THE greatest LP ever for me.

Jimi wasn't all about fucking his guitar, humping it and setting it on fire, taking acid etc. On stage he was a sight to behold, but in the confines of a studio and with time to spend to make it, just fantastic aural soundscapes on some stuff, like 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) and Moon, Turn The Tides... gently gently away which is a nearly 15 minute suite, similar in ways to 2112 that I saw someone post (another greatest for me too!). A concept that takes you on a visual journey and tells an epic tale.

I could go on (at length), but would recommend you check it out. But will leave with the final track on the LP, which became Jimi's set closer at most concerts til he died in 1970. EDIT-LOL That fucking outro to VC(SR) always makes the hairs on back of my neck stand up!!! Just played the video after making the post after first hit of hashish this morning!
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