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Share your jail stories or being detained by police or arrest stories

I'll start
When I was about 13 in 09 I was lurking around this car lot that had a 50s mercedes I thought was cool so I went to it (it was unlocked) at about 9 o clock at night and a off duty sheriff chief deputy pulls up and scares the shit out of me and pulls me out of the car and asking what I was doing, then his wife calls a on duty cop in their car and he detains me, then the on duty cop comes up and frisks and questions me more, trying to act cool and shit, then calls my parents and they pull up in their truck and put my bike in it and I was freaked out because the owner didn't know about it yet and the cops said it was up to him if he wanted to file charges and he didn't want to, so I got grounded for a month.

Then A couple years later I was filming on my gopro and I went past the national guard armory and someone saw my gopro, so someone there calls the cops and they pull me over and question the shit out of me and this retarded cop tries to find the footage when he finally finds it its less than 5 seconds of footage and he lets me go, even after calling another cop to take me to jail if he found anything.

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The only two times I can recall was when I used to go on walks around midnight or a lil' later. Where I'm from, in the summer season the day time it's too hot to get out and walk around. So what I would do is wait till late in the evening when it was cooler, take my ipod and go walk around the park near my house.

But before I got to the park, a younger looking officer would stop me and question what I was up to. Despite my bad speech impediment and my strong Southern accent, he let me go on but told I had to go home! I ended up walking around the park a few laps then went home since I saw a couple homeless people checking me out and I didn't want to get into a fight with someone I didn't know if they had a weapon. Guess the cop was right about heading home. Still the late night walks were very fun, and seeing the nocturnal critters was cool.

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I am the police

Got detained when I was 16 for drinking in a park with a couple of friends. One of them was a jarhead and got all tough with the cop. Spent the night in jail for just standing next to him, didn't drink a drop.

I am in Ecorse, Michigan for work. This is shit hole. Right off coast is Super Fund "Zug Island". I am to do work at mill. Security guard asks me if I work Days or Nights.

"I am here to work. I do all hours until job is done"

"So nights?"


He tells me to not stop at traffic lights or at stop signs. I say that I cannot get traffic fine for driving. He says do not worry because city has no cops, ambulance, or fire fighters for last decade.

"what if car breaks down?"

He gives me card with number to call for security.

Day later, customer has spare part we need. It is very expensive part from over seas. We know it is on site, but no one has keys for building it is is in. Site Engineer and I talk about this and we agree that I lift engineer through window to get into supply building. It is middle of the night.

Remember, traffic lights do not work on main street. There is no man hole covers on road because crack heads steel them. This is place with no cops.

Michigan state trooper drives by as I lift engineer into window. We spend next 24 hours explaining that we are not metal thefts.

Actually, he gets out of jail fast. I spend 24 hours trying to prove I am American because I am not fluent English speaker. I nearly get deported despite I am US citizen.


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Trying to remember how it went:
I went to Liberty State Park a few years ago. For those of you who are not familiar, the park is on the Hudson River across from Lower Manhattan. I was on a hill with a camera with an "odd" lens and a cop comes up to me and "investigates" me. It's all cool after 5 minutes. The reason I believe that he might have approached me was
1. I was by the old train station that has front row views of Ground Zero.
2. When I went to that part of the park, there was a busload that was from an Islamic school leaving the area. So I assume the cop thought I was some white ass undercover Kebab.

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