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I apparently was left playing around on the floor with the house phone when I was a toddler (I was too young to remember this, at least) and accidentally dialed a number. That number just so happened to be 911. Then police stormed our house and questioned Mom in private.

...And, uh, I got a speeding ticket once at a speed trap.


ThE FaCe ThAt RuNs ThE PlAcE
I apparently was left playing around on the floor with the house phone when I was a toddler (I was too young to remember this, at least) and accidentally dialed a number. That number just so happened to be 911. Then police stormed our house and questioned Mom in private.
Heh, I did a similar thing but I did it because by preschooler mind thought the phone I was using was disconnected (it was kept in a small cardboard box on the floor besides a bed with other junk in it). I guess I did not learn what the color grey was yet and why a grey colored strand was coming out of the phone.
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I once thought I locked myself out of the house. Turns out I didn't. The door was just busted and refused to open. But what entailed was hours of drama and police questioning and for some bizarre reason SVU.

I left the house to go get a chicken caesar salad at this pizza place around the block that actually had amazing salads, which is rare for a pizza place. My sister and her idiot boyfriend were home. Their two children who were two and three were asleep upstairs. So when I get back I can't open the damned door. I go around to the back and the back is also locked. My window is open but I have a bad knee and can't climb worth a damn anyway. I knock and knock and no one answers. I soon realise no one is home and the kids are probably still there. I didn't have a cellphone at the time. So I went a few blocks to my grandmother's house and told her what happened. I tried to get my cousin to climb up into my window to open the door. But he won't do it because of my dogs. I tell him "The dogs know you. They aren't going to bite". But he's absolutely terrified of dogs. And I had a rottweiler and a german shepherd. People tend to be scared of those kinds of dogs.

He did climb up there but immediately climbed back down because of the dogs. I was kind of mad over that. I started to think I should have asked a neighbor for a ladder or just attempted to climb myself, although I really thought I'd fall. It would have been so easy to get in through my room too.*sigh*

There was another door to the kitchen that went out onto a deck. The houses on that row were three floors with the basement being ground level. So from the back the kitchen was on the first floor. I thought about asking the guy next door if I could go through his house to get to my deck since it was adjacent. But my sister's boyfriend had stolen his bike previously and I felt really weird interacting with him after that.

Unbeknownst to me at the time my sister had come back and she and the bike thieving deadbeat and their friend had tried the door. It wouldn't open. So they went around to the back and the friend climbed up on the deck. A neighbor across the alley saw this and called the police thinking someone was breaking in. However, she didn't realise she was calling the cops on her own son. I guess she couldn't tell who it was from so far away.:lol:

By this point it's getting dark. I'm told by my sister that the door was not locked because it opened fine from the inside. Sure enough the stupid knob appears to be busted and doesn't want to turn from the outside. Then the cops come. I explain that it's my house and we all live here and the neighbor was mistaken.I show them ID and mail with my name and address on it and they are satisfied. What I shouldn't have mentioned was the children. Because that got me another round of questioning. I didn't do anything wrong. But I told them that I panicked when I realised my sister and her boyfriend didn't know I had left the house before they did and there were toddlers alone. I told them the doorknob broke from the outside and it was never actually locked. my sister's friend got in through the deck because the kitchen door was unlocked. It was no big deal. The dogs would have torn apart any real intruders and the kids were in bed for the night anyway. Not that much time had passed. I wasn't the one that left without checking if anyone was home.

Well the cops say they need to take us down to the station. I thought it was all overly excessive. But they had to file a report because children were involved. I felt like a criminal. I realise that something could have happened like a fire or the kids getting up and hurting themselves. But I was still upset that they couldn't resolve this without going to the station. It didn't help that the cop who arrived at the house was pretty rude and treated us like we had just committed a major felony. I get that they have to deal with awful cases of neglect and kids left by themselves all the time. But jeez, be at least a bit more cordial. No wonder people hate dealing with the cops.

So me, my sister and the son of the lady that called the cops were taken in a police car to the station. we were all individually questioned. The guy who questioned me was super nervous and kept calling me "honey". He was all shaky like he'd never questioned anyone before and it made me feel nervous. He stuttered a lot and it was just so unnerving. How on Earth did he ever get qualified for this?

They took us back home and I thought that was the end of it.

But some days later my sister got a letter saying she had to come down and talk to someone from the Special Victims Unit. She was really upset over this. Is that a standard protocol? All she knew about it was from Law & Order. So she thought they were accusing her of child molestation. Nothing bad actually came of it though.

But to this day the whole incident still pisses me off. My sister had a habit of going off and leaving her kids with me or our mom without saying where she was going, how to contact her or when she'd be back. You can't do stuff like that when kids are involved. She would just assume you had no plans and were totally ok with watching kids at a moment's notice. It would just be sprang on you all of the sudden and you were guilted into it. But this time she left the house without saying a word. Just assuming I was home when i was not. That's extremely irresponsible on her part and it caused me a lot of trouble that day.

At least her stupid boyfriend fixed the doorknob.
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My jail story really only gets interesting after I got out of jail.

How I got in jail was pretty simple. Way too many drinks at the tavern, and when I stumbled back to my truck I couldn't even get the key in the ignition. It dawned on me that I was too drunk to drive, so I did the logical thing. Leaned the seat way back and went to sleep. Unfortunately for me, the cops didn't want to chance me drunk driving, so they took my ass to jail and put me in the drunk tank. I hate the drunk tank. Too bright to sleep and god damn does it smell bad. The following morning, they let me out, gave me some water, and made sure I could contact somebody. I was sitting out front, having a smoke, waiting for one of my friends to come pick me up. All of a sudden I see this black dude burst out the front door, he was very clearly pissed off about something. So I asked him what his deal is. He introduces himself as LeRoy, and angrily told me that they impounded his car, and he lived two states over now with no way to get home. Being the benevolent soul I am, I told him while I couldn't help him with that, my buddy is coming to pick me up and we got a ton of shrooms, if he wanted to blow off some steam. He thought about it for a minute, and then he said he was down. My buddy picked me up, and off we went.

We each have a pretty big helping of shrooms, pop a CD in the Sega Saturn (for those of you who don't know, if you put an audio CD in a Saturn, it will play a flying through space animation with a little space ship) and then proceed to trip balls while flying through space. Dunno how much time had passed, but I realized LeRoy wasn't around. And so often I would hear a "huehue" kind of laugh. So I start looking around for him. Eventually, I find him in the space behind the wrap-around couch, just huehue'ing to himself over something. My buddies and I were peering down at him over the couch, and when he looked up at us he looked like he had just seen a ghost. So I get everyone to back off before he has a really bad trip. Eventually we had some pizza, then pass out.

The following morning, we all got up, and went about getting breakfast and cleaning up. And again, it dawns on me that LeRoy is nowhere to be found. We looked high and low, but he must've slipped out in the night. On a wild shroom trip, with no car, two states away from home. I never saw him again, so I hope he's doing alright.

Don't do drugs kids.
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