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"You're a small, irrelevant island nation"

Digger Nix
I'm currently writing a short story out of boredom. It's fully intended to be about as funny as I'm capable of being, so hopefully someone out there laughs at more than just my own inadequacy, god dammit.

Read it here. Or don't. But definitely throw comments my way if you have any, and I'm open to suggestions as well. I don't really have everything planned out, but I have some general notions of where I want to take it.

It's about the upcoming "Tranny v. Straights" war and it's told from the perspective of a troon platoon. Gimme notes. Help me make it as premium comedy as possible.

EDIT: Satirical fiction, of course. God knows the troon goons will just self-destruct before any combat could occur.

Ser Ciappelletto
Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron is my favorite collection of short stories. My top five favorites are Ser Ciappelletto of Prato (obviously), Princess Alatiel, Nathan and Mithridanes , Rustico and Alibech and Andreuccio da Perugia.

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