Share your Haunted House Stories - Whether entertainment or paranormal, the worst to the best and all in between - just in time for Halloween

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With October here and what looks like no existing haunted house threads, here's a chance to talk about your favorite, worst, or most memorable/unusual haunted house experiences. 🎃 👻 🦇

As a high school student, our group drove a good 45 minutes away to some haunted house in a multi-story building in a downtown area. Looking back, I should have known the night was going to go poorly when the driver and his front seat passenger got into an argument in the middle of the freeway on the way there and the passenger actually grabbed for the steering wheel at one point during the spat.

Upon arrival, there were people looking out one of the open windows in a middle floor telling people outside stuff like, "Don't waste your time!" "It sucks!" or "Save your money!" Sure enough, they proved to be right. The layout and the props were rather low budget so that whomever ran the event could maximize their profits. There was no surprise with any of the scary stuff as most of it was lit up or dropped into view after being activated with motion sensors.

To get back down to the main floor and exit, people were directed to a hole in the wall marked "Suicide Slide." One might expect a steep drop-off to the bottom, but this was the extreme opposite. The slope was so gradual that you literally had to push yourself through it after entering feet first to get to the other end.

This definitely wasn't worth the price of admission or the long drive there and back.
Fresh out of college, I went to another haunted house with a young adult group. This one was halfway decent as it made more of an effort to have spooky happenings at unexpected intervals in the winding labyrinth of hallways. The final part, however, is where things went south. With everyone in a large circular chamber, dry ice smoke was pumped in and we were told we had to find the exit though the smoke and numerous dead-end paths.

Anyone smart would do what they were trained to do in the event of smoke or fire: drop down to the ground and crawl their way to the exit. I did that and found the exit almost immediately. Unfortunately, those in charge took umbrage with my quick discovery and physically blocked the exit while telling me, "Go back!" I never did understand why they did this, but it ruined what was otherwise an alright haunted house experience.
To make up for the previous two stories, I've saved the best for last.
For this haunted house experience, I was part of a church group. The members were eager to find a decent haunted house, and the group minister found one we hadn't ever attended with what seemed to be the right balance of cost and spookiness based on the description.

None of us expected what would await us upon entering the haunted house, however. After going through the outer doors, paying our admission and going to the first doorway inside, we were greeted by a pair of young women who wore nothing but footwear, short shorts, and electrical tape covering their nipples. Many jaws were agape as everyone in the group walked past them.

That was likely the best attraction of the facility, unfortunately. Because the haunted house was split into two parts, there was a breezeway between them that narrowed down enough that people had to crawl on their bellies over a sealed glass terrarium full of spiders and scorpions 🕷 🦂 . That was probably the only part of the night that was creepy or scary because everything else paled in comparison -- especially when compared to the greeters.

On the way back home, the group minister was mortified to know our church group had just attended a haunted house with near-topless women greeting everybody at the starting point.

The best part of the story comes after the fact, though. About two weeks later, the same haunted house made the local news. Apparently, someone took enough of an issue with the greeters' skimpy outfits that they called the police in hopes the haunted house could be declared indecent and forced to close. From what I recall, the police deemed the women's tape jobs to be sufficient enough to avoid indecency laws, but they still suggested the women consider wearing bikini tops instead to avoid the possibility of the tape peeling away unexpectedly. However, the police also brought the local fire marshal who conveniently discovered a few minor violations that closed the place down for a day or two at the most until the issues were resolved to the marshal's satisfaction.

The following year, someone suggested we go back to that same haunted house for shits and giggles. The group minister replied with an emphatic, "Oh God, no!"

Happy Haunting!
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i was rummaging through my house one day and there was a big box which was very old. i was searching stuff around it and then a skeleton popped out. after containing the menace back it the box, i came to the shocking realisation i was, too, a skeleton in a box we call civilization which for some ridiculous reason won't let me fuck dogs unless i'm a white woman, so i must now troon out, even if they aren't real women it's close enough for legal protection.


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The most scary place I've been to had plastic spiders in the floor. I used to hate spiders and in those rides we had to go barefoot or socks only. Yiiikes that was fricking aweful. There was also a live action haunted house I went to and there was and a chick got so scared she ran headfirst into a metal wire lmao. It was funny.

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There’s a fairly popular one nearby. It’s fucking expensive (like $30/ticket) so I’ve only done it a few times.

Pretty professional operation, they put a lot of time and money into it. The only problem I had was in the main area of the basement where they have a bunch of strobe lights running where employees dressed spookily jump out and try to scare you. Strobe lights put me in a bit of a trance and I was more entertained/laughing my ass off because of it than scared.

Otherwise it was a good time.


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The time I was the most frightened in a haunted house it was a very impressive one. However, at the end of it, you had to walk through a completely dark corridor and there were threads hanging from the ceiling that felt like bugs when they touched your face.

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I've been to three haunted houses over the past few years, they were all positive experiences and I didn't really have any complaints.

The first one I went to with my ex in 2015. It was the most kid-friendly and didn't have much of a budget, but still charming in its own way. I got grabbed at one point and my ex opted to leave me behind; the actor holding me joked, "He's not worth it."

The second one we went to the year after. The drive was an hour or so away but it was worth it, probably my favorite of the three. Actors would mess with people waiting in line and one of them kept waving around a fake (but still buzzing) chainsaw. I remember being creeped out by one actor in a baby mask who went around to a few women asking "Will you be my mommy" in a high-pitched voice and kept hoping he wouldn't come near me (he didn't). I got grabbed in this one too and the actors were like "Ooh, let's keep this one."

The last and by far most expensive one I attended was Philadelphia's Terror Behind the Walls. One of my cousins lives in Philly and we figured it'd be a fun girls' night thing. I wore one of the glow stick necklaces that lets the actors know they can touch you but only got grabbed once, so that was a little disappointing. It was over relatively fast, but the line was also huge so I guess they just wanted people to keep moving through.


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Not really a haunted house, but a house of mirrors a few years back.
I went with my husband and son, they got ahead of me and got out, but I could not find my way out and started to panic, it was just very claustrophobic. And the place was HUGE. Husband had to come back in and rescue me.

I was pretty embarrassed after, but I keep out of those fuckers now.


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I was once neighbors with a guy who worked at a haunted house, so he managed to get me in for free. One segment had you blindfolded while they tried to scare you with loud noises. And while I was in that segment my neighbor scared some huge black dude, the guy freaked out and pushed him and he felled onto a corner.

Thankfully, he was fine except for a sprained shoulder and a deep cut.


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I actually went to one yesterday, which is weird because Halloween isn’t really a thing in my country. Some bloody zombie thing jumped out and grabbed me and I punched it in the face and had to leave. Haunted house as an attraction is a waste of money I think


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Thought this was gonna be about literal haunted houses, like the paranormal. Oh well.

I volunteered to be a spoopy creature at a college-run haunted house thing of sorts last year. I apparently triggered a 6'2" Lebron James-looking student's fight or flight. He fought and punched me in the chest, slamming me against a brick wall. He also slapped one of my arms away. I'm not tiny and frail but I am still much smaller than him. He and the group he was with just ran before the "authority" of the function could catch them, before any of the other actors could catch them. I did not recognize the students. I hurt pretty bad for a few days but nothing was broken. I had a sore arm for over a week though.


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When I was a teenager there was a church that did one every year. No religious elements, but nothing really spooky either and not scary if you were over the age of 10.

Anyways, one year someone broke into it and shit all over everything. Poop EVERYWHERE. There was a huge scandal over this and much hand-wringing for a few days until it came to light that there was a camera on the one entrance and the church was being extremely quiet about any possible camera footage of the incident.

Skipping straight to the good part: There was no break-in. The door had been left wide open and the culprit was a stray dog. A stray dog with violent diarrhea. Several days later the dog was picked up by the local animal shelter and very quickly adopted.
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I went to a haunted house that was supposedly good. It wasn't bad because it was cool and dark unlike the heat and blazing sun outside that made my hangover worse. The hallways/mini maze ended up in larger rooms(three of them all in all IIRC) with different themes, like a deserted Dr. Frankenstein style lab/morgue with chains handing down, slabs covered in dried blood and those balls with electricity zapping around. Not high budget but it got the message across. That one was quiet so I splayed out in a corner and enjoyed the air conditioning. People came and looked around before going to the next section. A couple of teens came and looked at me, the lifeless guy with long hair and long beard, so I said hello and they got scared. I was now part of the attraction, booooo!
After 15-20 minutes one of the people that "haunted" the place saw me and I had to go out a side door.

Something that was actually creepy was finding old abandoned bunkers and tunnels in the woods as a kid, they were from WW2. We once found a (presumably) used blue/teal dildo in one of them. What kind of person is out dildoing in the tiny tunnels of crumbling bunkers?

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One time me and my friend were doing halloween activities. My friend's girlfriend was with us. Halloween was on a Sunday so we were celebrating all weekend. The girlfriend kept saying, "it's the halloweekend! It's the halloweekend! It's the halloweekend!"

I said, "hallowhy don't you shut the fuck up?"

For some reason we aren't friends any more.

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How big were the near-topless duct tape clad women's breasts?
Average at best.

Thought this was gonna be about literal haunted houses, like the paranormal. Oh well.
@Clockwork_PurBle - As the thread's OP, I'd welcome any paranormal stories about haunted houses as well and not just those about the entertainment type. Bonus points for any stories that take place on or around Halloween.


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This story is from my childhood. I was four or five years old at the time, so take it as a grain of salt. The world looks much different to kids, and I think that's what was going on here. My grandparents used to own a farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere, near Richmond Indiana. My parents would take me and my sister there all the time to see them, and we also went there for family/Holiday events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Anyway, I think it was a couple days before Christmas. We had gone over for two reasons.

1. My dad was out of work. He had been laid off and unable to find a job for sometime, and we needed a place to stay. As a kid, I didn't quite understand what was going on at the time, only that we needed to move.

2. We probably would have come for Christmas if our situation wasn't desperate.

Now, for some context I'm going to describe the farmhouse a bit more. It was big, blue, and really old. In spite of this it was very nice. My grandparents were quite wealthy back in the day, so they were able to afford really nice things. Compared to how I had used to live even before my dad lost his job, it was pretty luxurious—though that might just be my child-like brain blowing things out of proportion. Anyway, a large house needs a large Christmas tree, and because my grandparents lived alone they really couldn't put it up for themselves. My dad agreed to help my grandpa, and together they started getting things ready to put it up.

The tree was kept in a large closet under the stairs where they stored most of their holiday stuff. Tables, the tree, decorations, etc. They had almost gotten done with it, and had walked off to take a break or something I guess. In doing so, the closet had been left open. Now, being a young kid, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go inside to see if I could find any Christmas decorations. I made my way in, and I remember things getting very dark. I'm not sure if I closed the door behind me, or it closed by itself, or if it had even been closed at all. It got dark all the same. Like I had been swallowed up in a black void.

There was a sliver of light breaking in from somewhere. Your guess is as good as mine, but it was like a beam reflecting off of each of the closet walls, and I do mean reflecting. It was like the light was bouncing around. I kept heading deeper into the closet and by this point I was getting scared. It felt like there was no end, and I couldn't see anything but darkness and that single sliver of light that was bouncing around. I wanted to cry. Eventually, I made it to the back of the closet. It was definitely not supposed to be this long, and there was no way I should have been walking for as long as I did, without running into or touching anything.

The sliver of light stopped bouncing, and just kind of lingered at the back wall and illuminated it slightly. I could see a few boxes, but my attention was quickly pulled to a slowly floating figure in the center of my vision. The light illuminated it enough so I could see it was a skull, no body, wearing a long pointy dark hood. As it grew closer, it's eye sockets began to glow white. I screamed and began crying, and turned. I ran into a table and some boxes, knocked a ton of shit over and slammed my face into the ground when I fell over. I didn't pass out, but the next thing I knew, my dad was holding me and carrying me out of the closet.

I was hysteric and tried to tell him what I saw. He went in. Checked. He checked it out five times, even brought my grandpa in to help him. They tried to get me to go back in and look for myself but I refused. I was traumatized for years, and whenever I went back to that house I had horrible nightmares. Most of the time they were like I had the point of view of some phantom, passing through each room of the house and causing members of my family to have seizures and pain while they slept.

Another occurance was when I was older. About ten. My dad used to buy me those lightsaber toys, you know the ones. I always begged him to play fight with me, and we'd either go outside when it was warm, or go into the garage when it was cold. We were having one of these lightsaber duels in the garage of the farmhouse one time, when all of the sudden my dad screams and grabs me. He rushed me out of the garage with him, and then frantically went back in to look at... Something. Later told me he had seen some sort of shadow peering out at us from behind my grandpa's work station. My dad was and is an alcoholic, so take that with a grain of salt.

Other than that, nothing paranormal ever happened, and my grandparents and most of my family never said they saw anything paranormal in that house at all. Eventually, my grandparents got too old to walk up stairs and take care of such a big house, so they moved. I was ten by this point. As they moved out, my family came over to help them move stuff, and for the first time in five years I walked into that damn closest. Just to see if I would see it again. Nothing, but it was a creepy and surreal moment that I still think about to this day.
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I can't trust the source, but I was told by family members how I reacted as a really little kid to my only visit to a haunted house. Supposedly when I was like 4 or something they took me to a fair and a haunted house. IIRC, a dude dressed like a jew-pire / vampire or something comes out and rawrs, and everyone else screamed. I attacked the guy.
Effing jewpires.
Anyway the guy took it in good sport and that was the only time I had been in one.