Share Your School Stories - Weirdos, freaks, and idiots (self-inclusion optional)


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Post stories of people being weird or dumb in your grade/high school. You yourself can also be the weirdo/dummy in the story.

Late in grade school the kid next to me decided to staple his fingers together to impress everyone or something. He was very thorough in making sure his fingers were stuck to point that he couldn't physically move them and the teacher looked absolutely defeated when they discovered he was doing this. I didn't see that kid for about a week after he was sent to the nurse.

During sexual education, I had a friend who was blind sitting in on the same class as me. Since he couldn't see the educational videos, which weren't very verbally descriptive and also relied on diagrams a lot, he kept asking the teacher afterwards to give very detailed descriptions. It was great since the teacher was obviously getting very uncomfortable with how "in-depth" my friend wanted to go, and despite being blind I'm pretty sure my friend knew since his smile grew with each incredibly awkward question.

A kid in my grade school was known for being a vandal and recently got in trouble for riding his bike through a grocery store and intentionally ramming into the displays. He took up chasing people leaving school late with his bike and running them over, and one day decided to chase me. I stood between two basketball hoops that were side to side and had just enough of an opening for a person but not a bike, and he tried driving the bike through it anyways and it launched him off. He wasn't wearing a helmet and got scuffed up really bad and was completely furious, so he chased me on foot for a while. Last I heard he was expelled from the school for something but kept hopping over the fence in the school yard during recess to play around, so we theorized he was being homeschooled after that.
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There was one fellow who drew everyone in our class as Sonic OCs. I was a bird.
Weird. I had one of those, too. I was a monkey, I think. The girl who did it was so proud that she showed the teacher along with every classmate she drew. It would've been cute and endearing in some way, if it wasn't a high school class.

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I once wrote a long detailed erotic story about me having a threesome with the band members of Korn in a bathroom in high school. When I tried to give my notebook with the story in it to my best friend, the teacher's assistant took it from me and refused to give it back to me. She ended up giving it to my case worker (a teacher basically) who later on in the day called me in, lectured me about how disgusting my story was and then threw my entire notebook away. I never got that notebook back.
Also I used to skip classes (15 times in gym) write stories.

This rumor got around my school where a couple were having sex while their parents were away. They had anal sex and their parents walked in on them. Somehow everyone found out.

A group of kids got in a wreck across from the school during lunch time. They spun out because they were speeding in the rain and hit a lamp post. Of course the post fell on the van and hit one girl in the entire group. Kind of a freak accident I guess since everyone else survived. One of the guys in the group apparently refused to leave his room for months after. If they had just stayed in for lunch that day, that girl would still be alive.

My school team was a Warrior Native American. We ended up in the news because some Native American group protested and freaked out over our mascot and it eventually got changed to some lame mascot that I don't even remember now.

There was a weird group of kids in my school who used to dress in trench coats and combat boots. Since this was right when Columbine happened, they got singled out by most people and everyone mostly avoided them. This one guy in the group thought he was some badass because he read the Anarchist Cookbook and made homemade bombs. He was a dork.
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I was really tall when I was young (primary/elementary school age), even taller than most of the boys (I'm still pretty tall but not as disproportionately as back then) and I had exceptionally strong legs so I became a cheap thrill ride.
We had this little hill/mound at one edge of the grassy part of our playground, and I'd lie on my back at the top and curl into a ball with my feet pointing at a diagonal. A kid would sit on my feet and I'd extend my legs, launching them off the hill several metres. I became popular almost overnight until the teachers stopped me for safety reasons.

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There was this furry who was in several of my classes, he never bathed and had a waft of stench following him wherever he went.
There was a kid in my daycare who had that problem except he wasn't a furry. He was just fat and had dirty clothes. Kids in my portable used to run and hide whenever they saw him coming. Another daycare (years later) had a kid who would shit his pants. Every day. He had to bring three pairs of underwear. Because he'd shit his pants more than once in a day until he spent the rest of the afternoon in shitty covered pants. None of us wanted to play with him.


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I once made a crude drawing of a breadstick being used as a dildo. Got caught. Never got in trouble for it.

Some adderall looking hick job in my ninth grade classes got arrested for shouting "ARMED ROBBERY" in a bank.

Some hambeast apparently took advantage of a cripple to have sex with them, and then bragged about it in front of teachers. What the fuck.

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I always was super shitty in physics, so I didn' t even bother to study for smaller exams because I knew I' d fail anyway.
So yeah, one day I had a little checkup and just randomely guessed the answer without writing any calculations on it.

When we got it back a week or so later, the teacher came to talk to me and asked me if I understood it so well I could do it without calculations because everything I wrote was 100% correct. (I told him that I just guessed and he gave me no points for that quiz, which made me kinda sad :/ )

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There was this one kid who I didn't know, but apparntly he was pretty pissed off at all the teachers one day that some cops had to be called and got him removed from the school, with an entire part being locked down for an hour, so some rumours started emerging that he had a knife, drugs and some other stuff.
As it turns out, he was arrested because he was just being restless, I don't think he was even doing anything except getting really pissed.
Another time I was in this movie group doing a film and I got really bored so I decided it was good idea to sharpen my finger, I was pretty fucking stupid in grade 5.

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There was a kid in my high school who was alright but he was hardcore /pol/ trash. He had no friends and I would sometimes hang out with him, but he would just vocalise /pol/ copypastas and conspiracy theroies. I invited him to a party and he got drunk and yelled anti-communist chants in the middle of the main area. I wonder what he's up to now?