Gross Shayna Clifford / shay-gnar / dumdolly - Camwhore

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Certified freak, 7 days a week.
Sep 17, 2021
I used to feel bad for her for getting groomed, but she will lie about things and lie about people assaulting her and shame actual victims of sex trafficking like Vivi, when she was offered to go to college and denied it. I can longer feel guilt for her. Im pretty sure she knows her customer is a full blown pedophile, but she won't say anything until he does something wrong or if people force her to apologize.

To piggy back off of what you said, her family seems to be doing very well for themselves, her dad paid for everyone to go to Ireland.
She could absolutely be in his good graces, and attend college.
She caters to the absolute worst of the worst (edit; she could possibly put herself, or plant ideas in some idiots head about harm due to her posting rape fantasy shit) and she actively shows she hates them, with posts telling her clients to stop posting diaper pics on her timeline without consent, like what is she doing?! It’s her sexwork account!
Her whole career I’ve questioned her decisions. She could easily get a name change, attend college, and move on with her life, some cows don’t have the opportunity she has.