She-Ra's Noelle Stevenson sets Lumberjanes series for HBO Max -

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After She-Ra, Noelle Stevenson is turning her award-winning comic series into an animated show for HBO Max.

On Feb. 21, Stephen Christy, president of development for comic book publisher Boom! Studios, shared a photo that riled up fans of Noelle Stevenson. The She-Ra and the Princesses of Power creator was standing in front of a logo for what looked like some kind of animated project for Lumberjanes, the Eisner-winning comic that helped make a name for Stevenson. Now, the cat is out of the bag as word comes down about an animated Lumberjanes series coming to HBO Max.

EW independently confirmed the show is currently in early development at the streaming platform. "Ah it looks like the news is out!" Stevenson tweeted.

Stevenson is writing and executive producing Lumberjanes. Should the project move forward, it would kick off with an animated special directed by Stevenson that would lead into a series format.

Lumberjanes was created by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Brooklyn A. Allen, and Stevenson. It tells the story of five Lumberjane Scouts at Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady Types who witness a series of supernatural events, including an old woman transforming into a bear.

The comics quickly amassed a following for its depictions of female friendships and LGBTQ characters. Jo, one of the five campers, is a transgender girl who comes from a two-dad household. In 2015, Lumberjanes won two Eisner Awards for Best New Series and Best Publication for Teens. The title also received multiple GLAAD Media Award nominations in the following years.

In teasing the new animated project to EW, Stevenson said, "I can definitely say that my interest in lifting up and exploring queer stories isn't going anywhere."
Twentieth Century Fox had been planning to turn this property into a feature-length film since 2015. But, since Disney's acquisition of the studio, now rebranded 20th Century Studios, Lumberjaneswas one of multiple projects given leeway to set up shop elsewhere.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which also featured prominent LGBTQ visibility in a kid-friendly animated format, concluded its five-season arc on Netflix this past May. After bringing that kind of representation on She-Ra, Stevenson feels like her "cover's been blown a little bit."

"It's like everybody knows what my angle is," she said. "There's no going back to pretending that these are not the kind of stories that I want to tell. I do think it's interesting because there's still a little bit of nervousness around the idea that this will actually narrow the audience. Especially with what I'm interested in is telling central queer stories, not having queer characters necessarily just being supporting members. I want stories that are built around them."


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Only thing i know about lumberjane was when i used to read Reddit (I'm sorry) and a bunch of childless soyboys jerking each other off on how great it was.

Is it good? Looks like the target audience is for young girls, which is cool but just weird when I see a bunch of guys (used loosely here) gushing about it.
New bronies possibly?

Who cares
/co/ nerds. I've seen Lumberjanes on comic store shelves, never read it. I guess women and women that think they're little girls will have yet another franchise to worship under and not be bored as they follow their smelly boyfriends to comic-con 2021 hoping to find merch and voice actors to sign said merch?

Is that the cartoon where she needs to leave the house because her girlfriend is banging a guy and she couldn't stand it, but she then asks her to stay anyway and she does because she's an idiot?
I don't think so. It's what's floated to the top of the churn of Tumblr; an unrelated sisterhood of girls in a summer camp/girl scout angle, with Gravity Falls-tier paranormal happenings. It's very wordy in an inter-personal way on thumbing through it, with a page or two of Bigfoot or magical sprites or some shit leaving you on a cliffhanger for the next issue, and you're breadcrumbed along for another few issues if they were lucky.


EDIT: Because absolutely no one requested it, here is your unwanted and unwelcome storytime of random issue #49:
1602103998015.png 1602104035250.png 1602104062747.png
1602104084826.png 1602104116240.png 1602104142827.png
1602104177730.png 1602104208634.png 1602104234928.png
1602104259362.png 1602104293656.png 1602104318207.png
1602104350363.png 1602104376677.png 1602104408760.png
1602104472461.png 1602104500656.png 1602104522120.png
1602104546356.png 1602104567957.png 1602104591357.png
1602104616949.png 1602104643374.png 1602104665817.png
1602104691626.png 1602104716052.png 1602104756893.png
You now have a cursory taste of the franchise and can summarize/shit on it to others. If you secretly want to read it in earnest with your 10 yr. old niece/daughter/egg or you're a fag, then you can read the 70-odd issues here for free.
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The Mass Shooter Ron Soye

How you gonna explain fucking a man? 🤔

Its just that if the gender were boys instead of girls but everything else was the same, I don't think they would give it the time of day.

But because it's a bunch of girls it's "omg so empowering! This is great" says the childless manchild and it just comes off creepy as fuck.

They can fap to lesbian transtrender cartoon girls just fine. Regardless of depicted ages.

The Mass Shooter Ron Soye

How you gonna explain fucking a man? 🤔
Why isn't "presumably cancelled for low ratings" part of the narrative? 🤔

Then again, the fact that Woke-Ra lasted five seasons is mystifying.

Streaming services change the dynamic. They can hide the ratings and prop up unpopular shows with more popular content. Woke-Ra was on Netflix.

ETA: They split two of the seasons in half, so it's more like 4 seasons.

Cost of the show might be a bigger concern. Is animation cheaper than live action? Or better yet, is CalArts style animation outsourced to North Korea cheaper than everything?
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Shouldn’t they give shows to people who can draw?
Cover bait-and-switch, often what you see on the outside rarely reflects on the art inside. Marvel and DC are much more high concept, for this lowly franchise it's just the creators giving cover art comissions to their untalented tumblr friends on and off to pad their portfolios.

I'm not a big fan of the actual art(which I posted above) but it's probably up there as some of the best that people manage in the "tumblr style."

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Fucking lol, and they wonder why anime is raping the shit out of the West. Jesus christ.

Shouldn’t they give shows to people who can draw?
No, because the West has adopted the perpetual 'We can't fucking draw to save our fucking lives because we don't want to look like we're taking this seriously'. The motherfucking Boondocks was an amazingly well-drawn and animated series. To my knowledge, there hasn't been a Western show to come close since. I mean, fucking shit, you have cartoon animation from the 1980s being better drawn than shit from now. Even if it was to sell toys, they at least tried. Now its all this disgusting awful style that is ugly as fucking sin.

Archer at least tries to be decent. Other Not at all. Its the same shit style. Fuck, even anime has more styles.

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