she wanted nothing to do with me.. :( ..(prerecorded) 06/08/20 -

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Just a little prick💉
First off, I like how she goes with "K" & "S" for the sister, like when Eric & Becky were defendng themselves over talking shit & posting the dirty drawls of Becky's ex & they tried to use "K" as a codename, but dumbass Eric said her real name, Sarah 😂

Anyway, does anyone blame "K?" I wouldn't want some smelly fat bitch taking up my air & cramping my style.

Also, I love how she gives fake positive advice at the end. She isn't The Jerry Springer Show!

Agree with @Pinky&Perky , it's possibly not just the smell and the way Amber looks but also the way she acts. Does anyone believe she didn't do her usual shrill fake "Hiii!" and completely fail at being likable? I personally could hold up a conversation with a former friend/classmate/whatevs Amber's size but I'd nope right the fuck out if they acted like a tard who obviously had lots and lots of issues and had real obnoxious mannerisms.
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Let's not kid ourselves, anyone who went to school or knew Amber when she was younger, will know what a train wreck she is, especially now her wreckage is spread all over YouTube. No one who is normal(and I use that term very very lightly) would want anything to do with Amber.

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17 interminable minutes, let's see if we can finish this before Amber's uterus rots out of her fupa:

Favorite vacation as a child is blathered over just like the intro to the 10 questions is blathered over. Her parents were drug users who ended up with her in foster care 20 years ago. They'd go camping before she got pulled out, brother birthday is June 21st. Her childhood wasn't great, unlike her appetite? Dad would fish and knew how to gut them, they'd catch crawdads and go swimming. She and her brother would ride bikes. Dad would transport them in the back of the truck around the campground.
First celebrity crush, Aaron Carter or Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Hillary Duff or Mandy Moore depending on the genitals she was thirsty for.
She wanted to be a singer or actress, maybe a model, at first, then wanted to be a teacher. You're teaching people not to want to eat this much at least. Finally wanted to work in a prison, instead built one out of her own fat so she'd never be unemployed, bold plan.
Favorite school subject, writing or math.
How'd you discover certain stories for kids are for kids? Last Christmas with her family while her brother was in the womb, she slept on the couch again to meet Santa because she heard she'd a get a forehead kiss from him. Loud noise from her mom woke her up as her water broke while she was putting out kids gifts from the north pole. She misses both of her brothers dearly.
Halfway through, this video is horrible and dull. She met her best friend as a kid in a trailer park when she moved in around the same age. She can't remember how they became best friends just that they did and would dance to Brittney Spears songs in front of their mothers. They'd get in trouble together and she probably had a crush on her. She got taken from her parents and her grandma called one day to tell her the friend left to Tennessee. Yeah, trailer parks are notorious for short stays. Amber is now 15 and gets a trial living arrangement with her parents, at the fair in California her childhood friend's sister, who she looked up to and wanted to dive for some clam on also, was spotted there. The sister did not recognize the fat girl from a trailer park years ago, but her sister who was Amber's friend was watching Smashmouth on stage at the fair and finally saw Amber again. She wanted nothing to do with her due to hanging out with other friends who weren't deathfats.
Favorite sports and hobbies, childhood soccor, softball, dance group, roller skate/blade, swim, bike riding, tether-ball, jump-rope. Soccor wins over softball for favorite.
She would describe herself with a type as a kid as a...loser. Good one Amber, way to make it easy on me.
Role models include the aforementioned untalented now d-list celebrities and the Olsen twins. Oh and her mom I guess.
Advice for eight year old self, going to go through a lot more than you can handle but you're strong and can take it to your grave. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself and don't be afraid to put yourself first in a healthy manner. Eat right and exercise make good decisions. Holy shit zero self awareness. She looks about 600 elbees here. This was boring and annoying.

No laygs, don't watch.

Beanbag in a hurry is an old amber meme - she thought someone said as she walked past "looks like a beanbag in a hurry"

I'll look for a video


At 0:52 - she misheard him but everyone ran with it

Actually it was the commenters that thought the person said that, not Amber, Amber said she didn’t even hear him in the moment, and the commenters ran with it until somebody deciphered it to be about a game played along with horseshoes.


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Beanbag in a hurry is an old amber meme - she thought someone said as she walked past "looks like a beanbag in a hurry"

I'll look for a video


At 0:52 - she misheard him but everyone ran with it

Think Pink was one of the first vids I watched of her. It was called Laygs I believe.
She's good.

People like to play victim(Fatty) and she also has ambabies writing the narrative about poor little fat foster kid whom no one wanted to be around.
People don't get the fact that some narcs are manipulative from the get go. From childhood up.
I've known a couple of people whom are like Fatty to a degree with the lying and narcissism. And from what I know about their childhood- they were the same way. Mean, starting trouble, constantly lying, jealous, playing victim constantly. You can usually bet if they're this way growing up- it isn't going to magically disappear.
They get worse with the narcissism.
I'm sure Fatty was such a jealous sour girl. The skinny pretty gorls didn't want her around because all she thought about was food-still does and at her weight couldn't keep up with norm kids.

She's a bad seed. A 600lb bad seed.
She will go to the grave this way.
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Thank you @Very Honest Content for your service! I'd love to add onto your recap with my own so that no one else has to watch this snooze fest
  • ten queshuns
  • not serious though
  • i am different, this will NOT be happy
  • favorite vacation? we went campeen for my brudders bday
  • dad would gut fish
  • camping place had beach moment
  • we would lay on back of truck
  • first celebrity crush? aaron carter, hillary duff, mandy moore, johnathan taylor thomas
  • dream job? model, actress, mattress, teacher
  • i wanted to be a corrections officer
  • i luv prison
  • favorite school subject? engleesh, writeen, math
  • how did you know that easter bunny/santa/tooth fairy were not real? i coincided it with mom
  • her mum was pregnant with him
  • amber would sleep on the couch waiting for santa
  • santa's water broke
  • her nonni (aunt Tammie?) told her that santa kisses her on the forehead while she sleeps
  • best friend? "K"
  • trailer park buddee, two traylers down
  • glued to the hip
  • we luved danceen to britknee spears
  • i had a crush on her, GET IT BECAUSE I AM A LESBIAN
  • went to childrens shelter, got a phone call that K moved away
  • all the other children were allowed one phone call a day, not Amber though
  • i felt like my soul left my bodee
  • K was in Tennessee
  • first broken hart
  • 15, trial run with parents
  • went to fair in Cali, K's sister, S was at the fair
  • she was gorjus
  • i looked up to her
  • spaceship ride: looked across and saw S
  • i said hi to s
  • where is K?
  • mustered up nerves to talk to S, WHERE IS K
  • went to the smash mouth concert to see her
  • i said hello to K
  • she ignored mi :(
  • she was populer gorl
  • i was curvy gorl
  • favorite sport/hobbies?
  • dance group, roller blade, skate, bisicle
  • chunky child
  • luv food
  • athletic
  • soccer softball
  • how would you describe yourself as a child?
  • loser
  • role model? k, mary kate and ashley
  • me mum
  • she hung the moon
  • what advice would you give to your younger self?
  • luv urself enuf to take care of urself
  • have fun, luv offen
  • respect your familee
  • lol bye
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I was like - whuuuuut???
Well what can I say about this video apart from - who gives a fig about your first crush Amber

But...sometimes just sometimes I feel that the YouTube advert algorithm should be an honorary Kiwi...this did make me lol


Got to ask what are all these bullshit comments telling Albert to be very careful with meth-Mom's visit 'she's after your money Amber!!!'?

I don't for one minute believe her claim from her update video that 'my mom doesn't even know what YouTube is, guiiise' - gtfoh with that shit gorl, my grandma is 85 and even SHE knows what YouTube is, fgs - but pretty sure her mother will realise she's looking at shelling out thousands upon thousands in treatment and there won't exactly be plenty for her

Lol also at those saying what a shit mother she was that it took a cancer diagnosis to get her to visit...pretty rich considering behemoth didn't even care to send her a fucking card when she was sick...neither of them are better than the other, both trash!

She must be absolutely revelling in the comment section atm but then again, this video has hardly any views considering it's been up ten hours so I'm sure we will see some Cuntylynn click-bait shenanigans before too long...