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Lmao that reminds me of my own experience, about 2 years ago I was jacking off in my bathroom. When I reached that moment I quickly grabbed the tissue that I had prepared earlier and I suddenly realized that a fucking spider was sitting on it. Now I am kinda arachnophobic so I can't explain what happend in my mind that moment...I remember that I freaked out because there was a big ass spider near my penis so I decided to aim at the little fella and cover him with my nut.

I stared at that tissue in my hand for 2 minute straight, than I started laughing like a maniac while dropping my new friend in the toilet. I remember that before flushing I saied "I win bitch!".

I'm still arachnophobic but now when I see a spider I can't take them serious anymore.


Get your flu shot.
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@Visitor x Rainbow Dash, except she has male genitalia. When she enters her partner she yells, "get ready to ride the rainbow."

edit: and she tops, but it's ok because she isn't that girthy.
edit 2: btw i have a fanfiction where this happens, not with visitor but she has a dick. hmu
edit 3: stop rating me deviant please

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