Infected Shippers, Militant-Shippers, and Shipping Wars - When fictional characters fucking each other is a political statement

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I saw people mention this in some Tumblr threads, so here we have it.
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Shipping (from the words relationship and/or worship) consists in taking two (or more) fictional characters and imagining romantic and sexual relationships between them. This has been the reason for many fanworks (fanart and fanfiction) for a long time.
Ships can be between any character a and character b, meaning we have straight ships, gay ships, and lesbian ships. With that alone, I'm sure you guys know where we're going.
Nowadays ships are valued for how 'gay uwu' they are, how many POCs are a part of one and how nonconforming to general societal expectations of a couple they are.
The less white, less straight, and less cis you make the characters, the better.

Fictional characters' ''''identities''''' are used for self-insertion first and foremost and once shippers are called out on their bullshit they reeeeeeeeeeee about x-phobia/x-ism. These are also excuses used among shippers to scream at each other about how problematic the other's ships are, etc.
Tumblr slapfights and whatnot.

Problematic ships include: Abusive relationships (like the guys in Killing Stalking), Straight ships including a queercoded character (anything with a character everybody is convinced is gay af uwu♥), interracial ships that include a white character (unless it's a lesbian ship), 'Pedophilia' (usually an accusation for ships with a large age difference, this is only ridiculous when both characters are adults, like Soldier76 and D.Va from Overwatch) and, generally anything that can be reached and nitpicked at for any reason whatsoever.

(^ same people have no problem with Roadhog (48) and Junkrat(26) who also have a huge age difference)

These are a few examples, mainly those of ship fights I'm aware of anyway-- there aren't that many but eh, you get the gist. You've all seen these people before.

You can find these people on Tumblr, for the most part, also in YouTube comments and ship-centric Facebook groups. Whining about queerbaiting (gay ships teased but never made canon) to writers and directors are usually made on Twitter.

This isn't a very well-filled OP and it will be edited as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, feel free to share stories about batshit shippers along with as many screencaps as you can provide :story:

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Less bitching about how shipping is gay and autistic (which it is, we all know this already) and more proof of how it's gay and autistic.

And my personal favorite, this little number I found from a Dave Strider otherkin (read from bottom to top):



Less bitching about how shipping is gay and autistic (which it is, we all know this already) and more proof of how it's gay and autistic.
"Lapidot might become canon."
Holy shit. Dat delusion. :story:

You know, sometimes I might agree with them that shipping a somewhat elderly man with a teenage girl is weird and kinda creepy but then I remember that this is the same website that enthusiastically shipped a 12 year old boy and some reality warper demon who is implied to be trillions of years old (Gravity Falls, in case anyone is wondering). I guess it's okay as long as its hot yaoiz and not icky het.

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Goddamn, shippers are some of the worst, most obnoxious fans out there--they're the ones I believe are what make niche fandoms intolerable and overall ruin otherwise-cool fandoms. But from what I've personally seen and gotten my hands dirty with, the Pokémon and Digimon fandoms are the fucking worst at this (seems like children's shows get the worse of it as a whole, anyway). I'll try to sum this up--I'd get screencaps about this, but I unfortunately have no fucking idea where to go, this shit's really ubiquitous, but I'll leave links to pictures of characters if you need a visual.

So back in 2013, Pokémon X & Y started airing, and immediately Ash/Serena fans went rabid--like holy shit they popped out of the woodwork in great numbers and took over, all simply because the character was shown to have a crush on Ash from the get-go. They were keeping to themselves (they were very vocal, though), but then some morons went to the Ash/Misty shippers to rub their noses in this new "totes canon" ship. These fans were all dormant (but still loyal) by this point because Misty hasn't been in Pokémon for over ten years, so needless to say they were pissed off over this and fought back. I can't really say what went on on other Pokémon fan sites, but the Serebii forum's shipping community exploded from this, and over the course of three years, the banhammer was brought down on a lot of users, with the Ash/Serena thread being shut down and revived three different times because of the flame wars (which never happened before since usually threads just go inactive--there's claims it was because they "went off topic" and were "spamming", but I doubt this was the case). A mod made a public announcement they would have a permanent ban on making threads on the pairing if they didn't grow the fuck up. Secretly, I wish this happened, the salt would've rained for years, especially since they're still screaming about how Ash/Serena is "TOTES CANON, THEY KISSED" even though there's really no real proof of this.

Yes, this is as autistic as it gets. But it gets better: The Bulbapedia wiki has an entire article about the history of Pokémon shipping, specifically how the Ash/Misty pairing started a bloody shipping civil war and people had to develop peace treaties. Dead fucking serious. And that's not getting into what they did with RocketShipping, a.k.a Jessie/James. That's the only ship in existence that I know of with sects, it's insane.

And then there's Digimon with the Tai/Sora shippers who are still fucking salty over what happened in the show back in 2001. I like to call the Tai/Sora ship a ghost ship haunting the shipping seas, because that's what they literally are. They're upset that Sora ended up with the lone wolf of the group, and Matt/Sora fans are upset at the punches being thrown at them, so they're eternally locked into a fistfight. Weirdly enough, the Tai/Matt fans have been smart enough to stay out of it, and I've yet to see other Digimon yaoi fans getting into scuffles with each other. Recently, though, I've noticed that Matt/Mimi has gotten popular as a crack ship and has also been attacked by other Tai-pairing fans for some stupid reason. This current event is going off what I've seen on Tumblr, btw, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's happened elsewhere.

That's just one big ship war in the Digimon fandom, the T.K/Kari and Davis/Kari fans are also infamous for this, but it's been tame these days. What makes this one interesting is this appears to stem back to the days of Dakari-King Mykan. Yep, you got him to blame for this. And then what broke off from the Takari/Dakari wars are the just-as-infamous Patamon/Gatomon and Veemon/Gatomon ship wars, which is probably the fucking saddest thing about this because they're crying over technically-genderless digital pets. (Not that crying over fictional human pre-teens isn't sad, either, but it's some funny shit.)

As someone who is a shipper for fun, seeing these harpies my age getting into flame wars with each other just because they're too emotionally attached to a pairing that virtually doesn't exist is like looking into an alternate dimension. I could've become one of these people, and that frightens me.

TL;DR - Pokémon and Digimon shippers are fucking nuts. Avoid at all costs.

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Personally, I find the real people shippers to be the creepiest.
Synopsis said:
Gavin and Lindsay are the IT couple, the King and Queen of High School. Except not really. Gavin can't keep his mind off the cute pierced boy with the angry scowl on his face. Lindsay gets back in contact with her childhood best friend and all the feelings she had kept away come flooding back.
Synopsis said:
An important meeting takes place in the rooster corps today. Gavin leaves going to the bathroom for the last minute and this time it's come back to bite him in the ass. More like, Mikey's back for some revenge embarrassment.


Junkrat x Symmetra is best ship, accept it tumblr.

JK But it's interesting how it's always the yaoi fangirls the ones who police around everybody with being moralfags. Not saying the het shippers don't do it, but it's often the yaois the ones more loudest. And now that they've caught on the "progressive" shit, now it's all "whitewashing/queer erasure/ all het pairings are abusive and i'll dox you for shipping it" Just typical SJW shit as usual.

That's the only ship in existence that I know of with sects, it's insane.
This interests me.

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What is this? Do these people ship their classmates?

If I were in high school and I found out someone was writing fan fiction about me I probably would've changed schools.
Na, Michael Jones and Gavin Free, Rooster Teeth employees. You know, the guys behind Red vs. Blue? Those two in particular are very popular shipping fodder because they're young, relatively attractive and are close friends. Even though Michael's married and expecting a daughter and Gavin has a girlfriend.