Shipping Corbin Dallas Multipass/Dynastia - A fanfic


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Multipoop: A love story

Chapter 1

Corbin Dallas Multipass was sad. His 17th account just got banned and his wife left him. She just couldn't be with his neurotocism. All day long, nuclear power this, libtards that.

Corbin tried to drown his sorrows in whiskey. That didn't go over well. The liquor store clerk was annoyed by his stupid references to "The Fifth Element" everytime she asked to see his ID. Word of his colossal faggotry spread around town, and soon nobody would sell him liquor. Not the gas station, not the grocery store. Hell, even the homeless guy wouldn't buy booze for him anymore.

A pariah, an outcast. Death threats were a daily occurance. Corbin was not the best at knowing when others didn't want him around, but something about the situation told him he was not safe living here anymore. The police can't keep him safe either, not after he abused 911 to report non emergencies.

He made the decision. He was going to buy a one-way ticket and leave the United States. Blowing the dust off of an old Gateway 2000 laptop, he pressed the power button and waited for Windows 98 to start up. didnt run very well on Internet Explorer 6.0, but it got the job done.

A one-way ticket to New Zealand, first class. Early tomorrow, he would leave this dreary life behind. He would start anew. New friends, new adventures. Feeling a sense if pride and ending the evening on a high note, Corbin jacked off to some lolicon and thenwent to bed, dreaming of his new life.


The layover in Tokyo was a nightmare. His flight was delayed again. A complentary hotel room from the airline wasn't enough. What was the point of being in Japan if the age of consent was as high as 13?

He trudged around the airport, staring at children, when when he accidentally backed into someone.

"Watch it cunt!"

Corbin turned around. The most beautiful Abbo he had ever seen was on the ground. The Abbo looked sad that a canister of gasoline spilled in the fall. The Abbo stood back up. "Dammit!" he said, "That was supposed to last me for the rest of the trip back to the NJara Lands."

The Abbo turned indignant. "Listen to me faggot. You are going to pay for that petrol."

"I- I don't have any money" Corbin stammered.

"Well then," the "Abbo said, eying Corbin's body up and down, "I guess you'll have to pay in trade."

Corbin twirled his combover im a flirting manner. His heart began racing, his face began to blush. A crooked smile with 9 teeth matched the Abbo's perfectly. "G-Gee what did you have in mind!"

The Abbo, feeling dominant, grabbed Corbin by the waste and made his demands. A delicious odor of diesel and garlic playfully assaulted Corbins Nostrils as the Abbo spoke. "You are going to shit in my mouth, right here."

Corbin squealed with delight. The sexy Abbo laid on his back, on the floor of the Airport. Corbin squatted over his face. Feeling the Mountain Dew and Totinos pizza rolls churn in his colon, he grunted and released his bowels.

A frustrated Abbo shouted "You forgot to take off your pants dipshit!" Corbin dodn't care. He was in ecstasy. With one final grunt, he shouted "Checkmate libtards" and released the rest of his bowels and his balls. Trying to make the best of the situation, the Abbo shoved his hands down the back of Corbin Dallas Multipass' pants and pulled out a handful of turd. His mood brightened when he started huffing the turd fumes.

"Aren't you going to finish?" Corbin asked.

"What? Me? Dynastia, king of the Abbos, orgasm with the likes of you? No, I'm not a faggot like you. I just wanted some Jenkem to replace my petrol."

Dynastia turned his back on Corbin and said "See ya later faggot!" abd walked off into the airport concourse, disappearing with the crowd.

Corbin made a smirk and said to himself "Hmm, playing hard to get. I like that."


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this is hot af. cant wait for the next chapter.
can i request a corbin/colonel j fanfic when you're finished with this one? i need it.
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I was saving my 'Corbin Dallas Hard Pass' joke for the next time he posted ridiculously offensive but his account got shoah'd before I got the chance.

This is a tragedy and thus I feel morally justified in saying it here since it's a thread about him.


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One of them is too good for the other, but I'm not sure which one yet.