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the fall of man

thorns will take the earth
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Not a huge fan of the engineered decline of America, whcih includes the IMF planning to move their headquarters to China as we intentionally decrease American surplus productivity and artificially bolster China’s. It’s sort of genius to condition half the US population (the half that aren’t useful to global corporations) to desire meager UBI handouts paid primarily out of the pockets of the overtaxed middle class, so they can sit in squalor and sell their dignity to the panopticon while we rotate the status of ”lender of last resort” west for the next rotation.

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There is no privilege but class privilege.
Modern Society is built on shaming and humiliating others for the intoxication of power, to divide the lower classes.
The only color that matters is green.
Progressivism and tolerance is a lie to separate the lower classes so they don't come after the monied interests of the world.
The culture war is a lie whose only purpose is to kill creativity and independent thought.
The denigration of institutions of science, math, art, music and literature is to decrease the intellect of society as a whole so they will be more easily manipulated.
There is only one party, globalism, who seeks to break down the powers of nation states and ensure a full destabilization of world powers, forcing them to rely on outside parties.
People who can think critically and logically are dangerous to institutions and are slandered and smeared, which marks logical and rational thought for people to shame and feel power over.
The mob is a purposeful construct that acts as '2 minutes of hate'. It doesn't matter what the mob targets, as long as there is one, to make most people reliant on that feeling of being a part of something: stomping on someone helpless to oppose you.
Mercy and forgiveness have been abolished as concepts to promote hate under the guise of tolerance.
The road we are leading down is a dichotomy. The eradication of the middle class will make two classes: The takers and those who are taken from.
The bread and circuses are stomping on the weak and self-abasement, reveling in your own self righteousness, becoming more important than even increasing your standard of living or fixing communities.
Most people have become narrsassitic caricatures of themselves, switching when it is convenient, unable to switch out for fear of not getting a rush of dopamine.
Technocrats, plutocrats and the ultra-wealthy have completely been disconnected for normal society for so long they barely can identify what an average person thinks or feels. They may as wel be aliens living on another planet. They posses no loyalty to any nation state and simply serve their own interests. They move from one nation state to another, picking on their bones after they've extracted all the wealth from it.
These people think they are smarter than they actually are and will ensure violence, social instability, a lack of progress, a substantial decline in individual liberty, privacy, and mass increases in poverty until society collapses and generates a leader more horrifying than they imagine.