Megathread Shitposting Thread - JY’s so fat his scooty-puff can’t go on residential streets

I am a lurker of janivs thread when it was still in the lower 2-digit numbers and have been following his thread with delight.
Especially the last few weeks where his thread exploded exponentially in activity.
Just yesterday, while catching up again (who needs sleep, right?) i saw a modpost explaining how a separate subforum doesnt make much sense.
Just now, moderately drunk, I check twitter and see monroe tweet about JY being on infowars and I knew shit just hit the fan.
To my great confusion, I find there is now a dedicated subforum for this menstruation fetishist's antics.

This was my signal to come out of the woodworks and leave my lurker status behind.
You don't know me or care about me, but I've always been there. Like a fetishist in the bushes, ready to prance at a moments notice.

I'll do my best to keep my newfaggotry in check and not shout out the great people who made this shitshow of a thread so entertaining as it is, if they read this, I hope you know.

Semper fi


Christorical Figure
True & Honest Fan
For all intents and purposes in this case, it is. You can't sue a newspaper for publishing true facts about you.

"If you are suing for libel in Canada, you do not need to prove that you suffered damages—you only need to prove that a false statement with a permanent record was made about you to a third party, and the court will presume that damages were suffered. If you are suing for slander, however, you usually do need to prove that damages were suffered. Proving that slander caused you financial loss is difficult, which is why slander cases are far less common than libel cases. There are a number of legal defenses against defamation:

1. You can claim that the statement was true; a true statement cannot be defamatory."
So I was looking into this, apparently the truth is a defense in most parts of Canada. Quebec is an exception, however, where you need to need to have a good reason why it's in the public interest.

I thought that was a more extensive policy in Canada. Maybe I was just thinking of the UK.


Fix animated profile pics @Null you gutless mothe
Johnathon "Defile the child" Yaniv
Johnathon "Clamp onto that tampon" Yaniv
Johnathon "The young gets my tongue" Yaniv
Johnathon "A tampon means Hands-on" Yaniv
Johnathon "If there is bleeding it's time for breeding" Yaniv
Johnathon "If she's underage it's time for plunderage" Yaniv
Johnathon "Your ovulation requires some exploration" Yaniv
Johnathon "is that menstration? It's time for an examination" Yaniv
Johnathon" If there is menses without defenses it's time for my senses" Yaniv

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