Megathread Shitposting Thread - JY’s so fat his scooty-puff can’t go on residential streets

Yaniv is the inventor of the Social Distancer™, a life-saving technology field-tested in Vancouver and now needed around the world to slow the spread of COVID-19.

I have seen a compelling demonstration.

With a GoPro on his head to record scientific data, Yaniv entered an area teaming with people, switched on the Distancer™ Personal Pak, and in an instant, he was alone. Only his able assistant Miriam could withstand the powerful force of the Distancer. She did this by using the jamming antennae implanted in her middle fingers, which she activated by holding those fingers erect.

He's replicated that experiment successfully across a broad range of social environments for the last three years and has never failed. Kickstarter when?