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So, I came across this fanfic Epiphany by CaptainLeBubbles. It’s a very basic human Perry the Platypus and Dr Doofenshmirtz slash fic. Not a stand out fic for good or bad, except for the notes:

Well! Okay first things first, for my regular readers: One Large Family is officially on hiatus until I start feeling RWBY again, probably late summer or early fall we'll see what happens. In the meantime enjoy the Perry T stuff.

Anyway! Welcome to the Perry T verse. Verse notes to get y'all up to speed really quickly:

-Perry T Platypus. I know what the T stands for; Heinz thinks it's The. (It is not.)
-Perry lives in the Flynn-Fletcher house as a boarder; he took on when they were just starting the shop, to pad their income, and just never left. The kids call him Uncle Perry because they love him.
-His cover is that he's a writer (they don't do much) and thanks to Inator shenanigans, everyone thinks he writes bad gay smut novels. Since this leads to no one wanting to question him too hard, this actually lends itself to his cover very well.
-Perry and Heinz are both trans in this verse but again, thanks to Inator shenanigans, it's a bit moot at this point. It may or may not ever come up, but I'm still putting it out there so the audience knows.

Okay yeah I think that's it! This fic is the first of several I have planned that will cover the length of the summer and the breadth of Perry's pining for Heinz; it's a slow burn that will necessarily last the entire series so strap in and be patient and hope I keep my attention span long enough to write the whole darn thing. Okay have fun. (Images in the end notes, this one is getting kind of long.)

Great writing right? So to sum the important parts, everyone thinks that Perry writes gay porn and both Perry and Doof are trans for absolutely no reason.
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This crap is everywhere in actual published genre fiction as well. Characters are told to you rather than shown to you.
That's quite typical and a hallmark of amateur writing skills.

While each genre of writing has a different expectation for their characters, and some have such well established formuliac tropes that people fall into an expectation of how a character should be, and writers oblige.

That said lazy shoddy writing is not an excuse, and really is indefensible. I've made this argument several times in regards to token characters, and it applies for Gay characters, or whatever imaginary sexuality that these "writers" come up with. If the character is gay, then unless it's for a very specific reason, their sexuality should not equate to the whole of their identity. Just the same how black identity can inform a character, but it should never be the absolute defining characteristic of that character.

Another thing that really irks me about this style of writing as well is the failure to understand the basic principals of character development.

Obviously in a shorter story context it is more difficult to come to a defined character that grows over time, but in a novel length format the character must be able to grow in a meaningful way over a period of time, because it creates interest.

None of the characters within these roiling pieces of shit ever actually have any real character conflict, and any enemies they encounter also are so black and white that it really makes for low level shit, that's more humorous and frustrating in it's reading.

I also think that's why specific interest groups don't get wider readership. Obviously it's not going to have as much mass appeal, but there is so little in terms of minorities literature, that is actually good or of merit outside of it's small bubble interest group, that nobody else wants to read it.


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I posted this in random Tumblr posts but then I realized it would fit in this thread too
Can assure you that it does get confusing. There was one author on Serebiiforums known as Dragonfree who made Mew in one of her fanfics gender fluid so she'd use he/she pronouns every other sentence or so. It got really confusing and really disrupted the flow of the story at times.

I have some gay and bi characters in some of the projects I work on (comics, literature, etc) and it feels like a very annoying tightrope balancing act sometimes. You want these characters to feel natural and organic, but you have one side angry that they're even there to begin with and call it pandering, and the other side that if you don't portray them the way they feel it should be portrayed, then you're homophobic. It feels like a fight you just can't win, so I've just said fuck it and don't play that game anymore.

At the end of the day I just pull from my own experiences to create these characters. I do what makes sense for the characters and if they're a chill person who lives in a state that's fairly open about LGBT people, I'm not going to make their sexuality a big deal. If they lived in a place that is more vitriolic towards sexuality, it makes since that it would be a point of contention for the character and something they might be more vocal about to fight against it.

I have one character who lives in fucking Washington state, not too far from Seattle but in a more suburban environment. He's a fun loving doesn't look before he leaps kind of guy who just wants to be everyone's friend despite knowing and trying to repress the knowledge that there are people who find him obnoxious. His family is pretty open too so it just doesn't make sense for me to bring up his bisexuality all that much. It's kind of sprinkled in as a little garnish for his character, but it's not something that's ever made a big deal.

PT 522

The new woke thing is all about asexual characters now, apparently. Which I think is ridiculous because it's always described as "I don't want to fuck everyone when I first meet them" or "I care more about (random superficial thing) than sex". Which are both totally normal things? A person in a relationship can simultaneously want to know their partner's interests as well as have sex. It sounds like someone with a mental age of 12 trying to feel their way through how a normal adult functions.

It's like the whole genderfluid "sometimes I wear pants and sometimes I wear skirts" thing again.
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