Shizzuie / Ryan David Schulz / Taiu / DemBeFightenWords / Kenjiwolf / TheKenjiwolf / Floof Squad / VR Loli Squad / Violet Fusion - Unwatchable trans furry 24/7 streamer with countless fetishes and a fanatical VRChat cult with identical qualities

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This thread initially begun archiving the exploits of Shizzuie, as shown below. However, upon discovering the depths of Shizzuie's collective (who go by many names, such as "Floof Squad," "VR Loli Squad," and "Violet Fusion"), this thread has expanded to also document other members within his group. These individuals have their own posts detailing them specifically within this thread, and are as follows:

Dounatsu / DounatsuVR / Miralef

Ryan David Schulz, or Shizzuie, who went by the alias of "DemBeFightenWords" during their internet innocence and "Kenjiwolf" during their budding furrydom, is a transgender NEET with a multitude of known fetishes who streams on Twitch with unwatchable commentary (speaking in memes, Twitch emotes, or in a grating falsetto) for an average of 10 or so hours a day. He tries to attack, ban, or censor those who troll him on Twitch or Twitter; which only spurs more individuals to continue said trolling. His detestable behavior also extends to lying about, smearing, and undermining companies and organizations which do not give him the undivided respect and attention he believes he deserves. He also leads or is part of a group known as the "Floof Squad" (later discovered to also be named "Loli Squad" and "Violet Fusion"), a collective of other furry transgender NEETs who roleplay in VRchat, Discord, and Twitch that are obsessed with him personally, which he also entices to attack those who troll him.

Before continuing, it's best kept in mind that if any of this sounds inflammatory, it isn't--the most genuinely accurate descriptors possible are used. Also worth addressing is that there is some slight conjecture further on (which shall be identified as such), but since Shizzuie both regularly does vanity searches on himself and has a group of people ready to alert him of anyone speaking negatively of him, he'll undoubtedly find this thread and talk about it. During such an event, he'll be free to share some more insight on anything not completely confirmed.


(Video) Shizzuie gets sniped, rants, and lies again.
(Video) Shizzuie's real voice, Wikia article, and weird cult-like behavior (again).
(Video) Dounatsu, Shizzuie porn, and more "Floof Squad" information
(Video) Dounatsu death threats, Shizzuie "fanart," fetishes, and living conditions

To begin, it's important to have an understanding of Shizzuie's lifestyle and routine before looking into his unnerving fetishistic behavior and internet presence. All links will be archived at the bottom of this post in addition to being inserted when relevant.

Starting with how he lives, most of Shizzuie's lifestyle is known by his own admission (aside from looking at his Twitch demographics), showing that he lives precisely like the stereotype of the "leech on society using the internet," to a cartoonish degree. His daily routine involves streaming and sleeping, often eating all three of his meals on-camera as he plays. He literally does not leave his home, genuinely eating chicken tendies for sustenance. This is once again by his own admission: his favorite meal is McDonald's chicken nuggets, downed with Monster energy drinks, both of which he orders Uber Eats to pick up for him on stream regularly. One can extrapolate much about his physical stature. He is presumed to be overweight due to his sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Due to the fact that his old aliases date back to a profile made in 2007 on DeviantArt, with favorites focusing on suggestive or outright pornographic content, he can be presumed to have been around 14-17 then, making him roughly 25-30 years old today.

Of course, @zedkissed60 was kind enough to fact check the aforementioned conjecture to avoid misrepresenting Shizzuie in any way. Despite being henceforth named as "Shizzuie," his real name is Ryan David Schulz, born June 16, 1994 (whose birthday matches up with a birthday stream his Shizzuie account did on the 16th of June). This was confirmed by one of his many website profiles containing his real name (along with images and usernames shared by his other accounts, further proving his ownership). According to his Facebook posts, he lives in an apartment but is currently moving (making his place of residence hard to verify), and--put bluntly--looks like this.


810867 810875

With such an engaging lifestyle, one wonders how Shizzuie puts (or rather, orders Uber Eats to deliver) food on the table. The answer is that he doesn't. As seen in the intro video, he utilizes face rig to roleplay as an anime catgirl with an unusually mannish voice while literally speaking in Twitch memes, and nabs pocket change from his cohorts in his "Floof Squad," which will be explored later. Despite seemingly having around 800 subscribers, the reality is that he pulls in random viewers through "variety streaming" (just streaming whatever game he feels like playing) before the people in his group gift subscriptions to random viewers before they leave due to how invariably poor both his commentary and incompetent gameplay is. These repeatedly gifted subscriptions can be observed whenever Shizzuie streams--or through suffering while editing archives of his videos. As a matter of fact, the viewers don't even have to be watching Shizzuie's stream to be gifted a subscription, they merely had to have visited it once at some point due to how Twitch gifting works. Thus, Shizzuie actually only has about a dozen or so obsessive viewers from his "Floof Squad," who essentially bestow subscriptions to any unwitting (and unwilling) viewer watching his stream while browsing Twitch, artificially inflating his subscriber count.

Even with these numbers, however, Shizzuie's income from Twitch isn't substantial enough to live off of while also paying for an internet subscription, housing, and tendies. He also does not have any time in the day to work if one glances at their streaming frequency. Also, according to an article in which he was featured in dating back to 2012, his educational achievements are apparently lacking, having been held back two years and needing special assistance. With only a lackluster educational background and a "busy" streaming schedule, it can safely be assumed that he relies on an income drip fed by his parents--whom he may live with, as occasional knocking on his room's door can be heard before he leaves or mutes his mic. Even with the recent uncovering of his dox, it's difficult to clarify if he lives alone.


But what is an internet NEET without fetishes? Shizzuie is not only transgender, but also a vore furry with a penchant towards breastfeeding, whose obsession with becoming a girl stems from his initial fetish for crossdressing. This can be explored for anyone's viewing displeasure on his personal FurAffinity, e621 (a furry porn site, obviously NSFW), and if his old alias of Kenjiwolf is searched, his old FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Twitter, and his now-defunct Fanfiction profile. He also has a Second Life account, because why wouldn't he?

810675 8106761561210733545.png

In order to prove these usernames and accounts belong to Shizzuie, the alias of "KenjiWolf" (along with "DemBeFightenWords) was confirmed to be him via SteamID's profile history function. This website shows both his old usernames and the dates they were changed, which in turn were edited when the other profiles using these names were abandoned--each within a timeframe of a few months. His current fursona also appears to be derivative of his old one. "DemBeFightenWords" seems to have very little online presence, however, outside of a Twitch profile which follows potential members of Shizzuie's "Floof Squad," shown below the Steam ID evidence.




Continuing on, like all other internet users of his caliber and background, Shizzuie has a rather interesting social circle; or horrifying, depending on who's asked. Shizzuie is either the creator or just a member of the "Floof Squad," a group of other transgender furries who share a Discord together and roleplay in VRChat while streaming it to Twitch. As an aside, Shizzuie, according to his Steam profile, has a bewildering 5,000 hours--or over 200 uninterrupted days--of combined gameplay time in VRChat. This is only made more baffling due to how the game was only released two years ago, meaning that he needs to have spent at least four and half hours every single day to this very date only playing VRChat to reach these numbers. This serves to demonstrate the level of obsession he and the "Floof Squad" have towards their group, emulating a cult-like behavior. Refocusing to the topic of this collective, these are the same people who gift subs to inflate his subscriber count on Twitch, and are who he tasks towards attacking his trolls, which will be discussed further on.


Speaking of trolls, and once again like all other internet users of his caliber and background, Shizzuie does not take well to adversity and those who are the source of it. Shown in the video above, Shizzuie caught the attention of a stream sniper while playing a game known as "Mordhau," a small indie development project meant to copy medieval combat. Ordinarily this would be nothing of note, but Shizzuie decided to dig his own grave by approaching Mordhau's small developers in its official Discord to complain in an attempt to get the stream sniper banned from the game entirely. Worth noting is that he proceeded to lie, claiming the sniper was sending him personal death threats. This is contrary to the actual stream footage, where the sniper appears to be imitating a caveman in the game's text chat--hooting and grunting while talking in broken English with all caps.


Not getting a direct response quickly enough, he also took to the game's official Steam forum, still lying about receiving death threats while trying to publicly shame the sniper.


The forum immediately gave the obvious response, which was promptly ignored by Shizzuie.


The forum then proceeded to give more harsh, but fair (and obvious) advice, which was not as ignored by Shizzuie.


Suddenly, the stream sniper himself was tragically doxed, revealing their true identity: none other than FGC lolcow Low Tier God.


Low Tier God was then threadbanned, but not for targeted harassment--instead only due to seizing the opportunity for publicity by advertising his personal merchandise, which was disallowed.


Unamused, Shizzuie took to tasking the "Floof Squad" to give their support, since he did not garner the expected response of a small game developer dropping their attention to focus on an individual being stream sniped. Shizzuie himself was apparently temporarily banned for his exceedingly antagonistic behavior.


Likewise unamused, the thread finally reached its predictable apex.


Undeterred, Shizzuie in turn took to the official Discord once again, now blaming the community, game, and developer as a whole for getting two troll responses in a five paged thread after acting like an idiot and not being taken seriously.


He also asks developer to out the individual running the game's official Steam messageboard, presumably to publicly shame them as well. His request, once again, fell on deaf ears.


Despite Shizzuie apparently not caring, according to the above video, he took to his Twitter to complain some more, furthering his lie of receiving death threats for sympathy. He was also sure to directly tag the game's official Twitter handle, associating its name with targeted and transphobic harassment.


Fed up, he decided to stop streaming Mordhau for good. Or, rather, saying that he will, as he was streaming the game again the very next day. Predictably, he couldn't do so without once again taking a jab at the game and its userbase.


He also proceeded to triple down on his lie, saying that Low Tier God threatened to take Shizzuie back to his home country of California to decapitate him:


Satisfied with his work of trying to undermine a small developer's userbase due to getting trolled, Shizzuie left his followers to both bash Mordhau for something outside of its control, and also to ask for Low Tier God's dox to harass or presumably attack him.



Whipped into a frenzy, The "Floof Squad" sprung into action the next stream. Within Shizzuie's chat, they began to plan, both between each other and Shizzuie himself.


Unfortunately for the "Floof Squad," their plan backfired, giving some much-needed insight into those who compose said collective. Kojikomos, the individual in the above picture, left an unfortunate (and effortless) paper trail leading to them being revealed as "Mark Ketron," an Alabaman NEET in his early 20's who also lives with his parents.


Through this trail, Mark left behind bread crumbs leading to his Facebook, Youtube, and, of course, a Deviant Art with his Sonic OCs. Disturbingly, all his accounts now appear to be dedicated towards supporting and advertising Shizzuie, revealing the nature of those within the "Floof Squad" even further.



Returning back to Shizzuie himself, this obviously isn't the first time Shizzuie has had trouble with online trolling in video games. As mentioned in the above video, he complains about a "toxic" community in League of Legends, another online game. His "harassment?" The team he was on wouldn't let him play the character he wanted.


The forum reaction, of course, was the level-headed explanation that the character was probably disallowed since it was not only in a ranked game, but the character was also new, making those playing both with and against it unfairly inexperienced while in a more competitive environment. Shizzuie, of course, reacts identically as before: disillusioned while lying and claiming to be specifically persecuted unfairly.



However, without the "Floof Squad" to back him up or a Twitter to complain to, he opts for simply screaming into the ether; not without, of course, doubling down as always.


This event obviously serves as a precursor to what is seen now in the present day. As one can imagine, this identical response from Shizzuie has only led to his trolling intensifying, culminating in the information now presently on him. As shown in the video above, Shizzuie's "adversity" has grown from a single individual harassing him in a game to multiple people from known griefing communities (more specifically friends, old users, or associates of said communities) joining him in both Mordhau and other games he streams in order to troll him (shown in the video below), spamming his Twitch chat with bots whenever he streams (shown in the video above), and hitting him with a DDoS during streams. In addition, the start of a very negative reaction on Twitter can be seen on some of his posts' responses. But ignoring his Twitter, and in an ironic twist, his non-stop streaming schedule makes him both easy to target but difficult to archive due to the sheer quantity of footage available.

While on the topic of footage, and to help erase any sympathy one may have for Shizzuie, presented is a video demonstrating the quality of his streaming commentary and some possible...foreshadowing (fittingly as, retroactively speaking, this was written before his doxing), as well as the negative attention he has received in response to his behavior (at 4:40 if his commentary proves to be too unbearable). Any viewer is personally challenged to watch the video to its completion without pausing or reducing the audio.

One can only assume what Shizzuie's reaction to this intensified trolling (and, by extension, this very thread) will be, but it's also safe to assume that he will follow the same course he always has when it comes to these scenarios and proceed to only draw more attention to himself.


Dox: Ryan David Schulz, DOB June 16, 1994.
Wichita Falls, Texas. 76302.

Facebook (Deleted/Privated):
Twitter: Archive:
Second Life: Archive:
Steam (Privated):
e621 (NSFW): Archive:
Steam ID (Proving Aliases):
KenjiWolf Twitter: Archive:
KenjiWolf Fanfiction: Archive:
KenjiWolf FurAffinity:
TheKenjiWolf DeviantArt: Archive:
"Business" Email:
Personal Discord/Floof Squad Discord:
"Floof Squad" Twitch:
Academic Article: Archive:
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Definitive transgender/crossdressing vore furry NEET streamer with a collection of likeminded individuals who attracts attention by trying to threaten/ban/censor people who troll him
This fucking subheading is such a mouthful to read. Condense that shit, or at least try to break it up a bit.
I shortened it to "Trans vore furry NEET streamer and their collective who attack and try to ban people who troll him." That still sounds like too much, but I can't quite think of a way of shortening it.

Edit: Actually, "Unwatchable trans furry 24/7 streamer with a fanatical VRChat cult" is snappy and gets the point across better.
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Chin of Campbell

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The idea of "OOGA BOOGA ME KILL TRANNY" while this dude repeatedly gets stream sniped gives me no small amount of jollies. His gay voice kinda reminds me of Chills without the...Chills.

I think the longevity of this is going to be based on how he reacts to increased trolling, and if that snowballs into endless memefests while his "floof squad" tries to run defense or just burns out.

I look forward to more developments.

As a side note, "furry words" like "floof" infuriate me.

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Doxed already, updated OP. With thanks, of course.

New info:
My hypothesis was correct, he's overweight and currently 26 as of the time of speaking. It's unknown of he lives with or only off of his parents.
His DOB matches up with a birthday stream he did on the appropriate date.
An article was written in 2012 about him being held back twice in school. He apparently lived in Kentucky at the time.
The compilation video is now hilarious given that he explicitly states his face will never been seen online.

I'll be certain to post when any new additions to the OP are made (or make new posts compiling information and linking to them in the OP) for reader convenience.
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How can they be ok with acting so gay online while being fat loser asocial nerds irl. It's like over the top gayness pretending to be a girl anime wolf, no self respect at all. Furrys who actually take hormones and go to cons and do gay shit are 1000x cooler.


#Biden2020 #BlueNoMatterWho #RidingWithBiden
Wtf is supposed to be depicted in the top right of this image?


I regret nothing.
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Not gonna lie, greifers and teamkillers are just shitty people. That said, this dude doesn’t seem to have any idea on how to deal with it. The fact that he’s a really cringy and shitty streamer aside, I think the real incriminating shit is how he reacted to it after the fact. Like, vote to kick or something. Dragging the devs into it beyond what any logical dev could do is fucking entitled. It’s amazing seeing two types of shitstains go head to head.

Any chance that we’ll get clips from the CR chat stuff you mentioned? That game is a clusterfuck of unfunny wannabes and I want to see what new and interesting shit this guy brings to the table shit that makes me wince.

Chin of Campbell

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The fact that he looks like Seth Rogan makes the fake girl voice 10000x funnier. Is this him post trans (aka is his transition literally just him doing a girl voice and having a girl avatar) or do we not have any pictures of the butterfly after leaving the cocoon?

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I just finished reading the thread, and oh jeez. If there's one thing that really irks me, it's how he would keep adding the eyes emoji in his responses on Twitter and Discord, especially when trying to look for that one guy managing the game's forum page. Like he's pretending to act all innocent, yet it comes across as an obsessive stalker. Fuck this guy and his goons.

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The fact that he looks like Seth Rogan makes the fake girl voice 10000x funnier. Is this him post trans (aka is his transition literally just him doing a girl voice and having a girl avatar) or do we not have any pictures of the butterfly after leaving the cocoon?
These are all pre-transition. How well he's transitioning is probably best left up to the imagination, but during his birthday stream, one of his sub rewards (which was met) was pictures of him wearing thigh-high socks for one tier and a maid outfit for the other.

Be careful what you wish for.


I glanced at Shizzuie's stream again, and he was playing Mordhau despite saying he wouldn't touch the game anymore. Predictably, he was getting sniped again, causing him to go into an angry rant for around half an hour (or five minutes once all the dead air was cut out). During this rant, he admits to something malicious, lies, and tries to insult both the developers of the game and its small community.

During the first part of his rant, he says that he believes to have found the stream sniper's Youtube account, and proudly admitted to filing a false DMCA claim on his channel. It's unknown if he actually found Low Tier God's channel or simply found a person unrelated entirely, but there's most likely zero related footage pertaining to Shizzuie on his channel, making his claim even more frivolous and abusive.

He then claims to have asked for more help from the Mordhau developers in their Discord. The response, according to Shizzuie (which is hard to decipher due to his clumsy wording), was that the Discord's moderator would only do something if Shizzuie paid them directly. There's three explanations for this, of course. The first is that the mod genuinely wanted to essentially extort money from Shizzuie to help him (which is exceedingly unlikely). The second explanation is that the mod, fed up with Shizzuie's constant pestering, said that sarcastically after explaining that they can't ban a player from their game for stream sniping. The third and most likely explanation is that Shizzuie is simply lying for sympathy once more. Giving their previous actions and that they now have zero posts in the official Discord (and no new direct responses), this is the most likely scenario, showing that Shizzuie will stoop to great lengths to further smear a small indie developer and their game due being trolled in it.

After doing so, he then proceeds to try to body block the stream sniper in-game. What appears to be another player unrelated to both of them observes this, and believes that Shizzuie is trying to get his teammate killed by preventing them from jumping a gap (which is true). While Shizzuie try to pull up a vote to kick the sniper from the game, his teammate ironically proceeds to kick Shizzui out of the way, making him fall into a death pit. This spurs Shizzuie to believe this random person is also trying to persecute him, before launching into a tirade about the players in his team, the developers, and the community as a whole. He also compares the game's community to Chivalry, another medieval combat game, saying that Chivalry's community is much nicer. Speaking from personal experience, Shizzuie couldn't be farther from the truth--Chivalry's community is considerably worse than most online games, while Mordhau has genuinely a very polite and behaved playerbase.

Capping off his rant, he then closes the game and pauses the stream to order more food from Uber Eats.



On a positive note, I've been informed that searching "Shizzuie" on Google with no logins and cookies now gives this thread on the first page under his major social media sites. Hello to any new visitors, and most likely Shizzuie.

Cat Phuckers

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Are these videos of Shizzuie getting BTFO anywhere on YouTube? It's pretty easy for salty transfats to get videos taken down if they're on Google Drive. If the videos are up on YT, please link it in the intro post somewhere.
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