Shmorky / David Kelly / Daisy Kay / Sandypants / Peaches the Puppy & Ex-Fiance Amanda "Mandy" Mullen - 36 year old Something Awful throwaway, pedophile sexual predator, abusive tranny schizo chaser; batshit crazy ex-fiancée

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IMPORTANT: Shmorky has been exposed as a legitimate pedophile. He was in a relationship with @carefully who was 16 at the time. The full chatlogs can be found here, and highlights are here. Upon the release of these chatlogs, Shmorky had a mental breakdown on Twitter and is now presumed to be in the hospital after a suicide attempt.

The full chatlogs are available here: Chatlog/

To anyone from tumblr reading this, or just non-Kiwis in general: thanks for stopping by and taking the time to actually consider what we have to say, and for, the most part, being reasonable and believing the facts. No matter what your opinions of us as a group are, it should never stand in the way of spreading information about a dangerous degenerate to the public. Nobody who does the things Shmorky does should get away scot free. Shmorky is a sick individual, and we have no intention of harming or mocking actual victims. We only seek to mock and expose the truly vile for the world to see. Disgusting people tend to have similar, somehow off mannerisms that we recognize and keep an eye on, letting it fall to the wayside when nothing comes of it or exposing the worst of the scum (Hi, Nick Bate! Hope you're enjoying prison!)


Shmorky is an 36 year old animator who's been producing content for over a decade. He's most well known for his work with Something Awful, creating the Flash Tub, and his cartoons have been broadcast over Adult Swim and the Hub Network. He's also known to be friends with Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar.

While he was first attracting popularity through Something Awful, the goons were quick to dig through his online past, and eventually someone from /b/ came forward with Shmorky's disturbing art of clearly underage furry characters. The pictures were preserved on ED, which includes a link to a now deleted page where he apparently claimed they were only done as commissions.





This would not be the end of Shmorky's woes. He eventually landed a schizophrenic girlfriend who was apparently too much for him to deal with, and Shmorky recorded one of her psychotic episodes. This recording was mocked endlessly by goons and 4chan alike, eventually leading to him losing his moderator privileges on Something Awful.

The culmination of this would come in 2016, when the girlfriend finally came out of the shadows to post on Something Sensitive about what Shmorky's life has come to. According to her, Shmorky:
The girlfriend leaked out some of the more recent porn that he drew, and all these years later it isn't any less disturbing than the originals.

Also leaked were some surprisingly disgusting almost-nudes from him:
shmorky 13_zps3mqkkl9p.jpg

To top it all off, there's evidence he abused his girlfriend as @Jaiman and @negaren pointed out. In the first screencap, Lowtax confirms that Shmorky made his girlfriend stop taking her anti-psychotic medication, and in the second screencap his girlfriend says he would often lie and claim that she hit him.


There's a LOT more content from there that will be added to this OP later, but that's basically the gist of it. Surprised he didn't have a thread on here already with how much he was mentioned in the Something Awful thread. @Lowtax you got anything to add?

EDIT: Even more info brought to light by @Super Collie
Shmorky does a pretty good job of covering up his birthday, apparently his ex didn't even know his actual age. Shmorky was born September 5th, 1980, making him 35 years old. This is sourced from the "Dave Kelly (artist)" page at World Wizzy (, which is a snapshot of Wikipedia from about a decade ago. This page has since been scrubbed from Wikipedia. His birthday is sourced to an update on his personal website posted on his birthday in 2002 which has been specifically deleted from the site AND excluded from This seems awfully suspicious, so I have reason to believe that this is in fact his actual birthday.

He formerly solicited for PayPal donations with the email address "". Dropping this into Google results in "Anne Kelly" (, which is probably his mother. Note the address, because "David J Kelly" here shares it ( That said, there is a fair chance that this is probably him (

This is sort of well known, but he also formerly went by the alias "Cave Deli" which might be worth adding to the thread title, as well as "DaveBunny", his username on furry art site VCL.

He formerly hosted an oekaki (drawing) board for babyfur and cub art. The artist "Dejection" on the oekaki Deep Thinking Perverts mentions "Cave Deli" in the comments of his art (

The age doesn't quite line up, but I'm just assuming that Shmorky has been lying about his age forever. There are some other spiteful comments on that page, plus some more communication from Dejection.

Dejection said:
Yeah, Dave Kelly went by Cave Deli. Xod didn't disappear 4 years ago. It was 3, if you search the board he posted something in February 05. I'm not 100% on the math, but looking at my drawings I can see when they were edited last and know that I started about 6 years ago. I think you joined DTP shortly after it opened, yes...The Dave Kelly boards went down probably 4 years ago.

Dave is a babyfur that ran to join SA, but they don't know about it there. Every time I see him post I want to call him out on it, because he was REALLY WEIRD and used to try to cyber me when I was 16 or so and he was in his 30's. I just don't like the guy. Waccoon's board has a lot less crazy and drama, I like it better even though some of the cool people are gone.

EDIT 2: Some new porn.

EDIT 3: Forgot to add this to the OP until well after the fact but one of Shmorky's old IRC associates, @Oekaki Hellion, showed up in the thread to dump some gross chatlogs. All the posts on his account have something to do with ol David, but the big finds are located here and here.

EDIT 4: People have been speculating towards whether or not this Sandypants account was just Shmorky under an alias the entire time, however through the shared fursona of "Peaches the Puppy" we were able to confirm it. Special thanks to @Soliloqueef for the pictures here and here. Also you should absolutely look at @SaltAndGoldMine posts in the thread because he has almost all of the Sandy/Peaches stuff archived and archived well.

EDIT 5: And with that, Shmorky's ex who started this whole thing has leaked her chatlogs. Click here, here, and here for those.

EDIT 6: with Shmorky's main account still abandoned, somebody named Regibald1 came forward claiming he was responsible for doctoring evidence to frame Shmorky. A bit of digging however revealed that his account, as well as about 60 other ones on Twitter, were all created around May 2012 and all have no presence online that's not related to Shmorky. We can't say for sure these are his alts but boy do they look strange. Credit to @morningrescue @ObnoxiousSeaLion @fartknocker and @Megapiss for finding these:

His website
His ED page
Facebook (requires a Facebook account but it is public)
Archived friends list
Archived photos
Archive of the Something Sensitive thread where his girlfriend talks about him 1 2 3 4 5
Skype: zalgoshere

People in the thread who knew Shmorky:
@Mandarys_Milan the crazy ex from the mp3 recording
@carefully Shmorky's 16 year old former lover
@Oekaki Hellion an old frequenter of the chats Shmorky hung around in
@Lowtax founder of Something Awful and Shmorky's old employer, doesn't post here anymore
@Soliloqueef another old friend of Shmorky, voice of "Peaches the Puppy"
@Cynister Shmorky's brother Lance
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The fuck is up with this guys voice? Sounds like an even more autistic Chris after sucking on some helium.

Isn't this the guy who made the 'how is babby formed' animation as well?

He started doing that voice when he started trooning it up, and it just kept getting more and more annoying to the point @Lowtax said just having to listen to that freaky it was part of why he could no longer deal with the dude.

Also that SS thread is one of the most fucking amazing things I've ever read. Consider that a suicidal, schizophrenic edgelord powerleveling all over the place comes across as vastly saner than Shmorky.


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Shmorky did some webcomics:, Living In Greytown (which seems to be broken) and Purple Pussy.

He had some sort of freakout about Purple Pussy being called a furry comic, most likely due to the slight negativity surrounding the f-word in the early 2000s.
This website is something else, really shows the whole "trying to be feminine" side of shmorky
(but wait, theres more)
and here we see shmorky desperate for money to waste


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This website is something else, really shows the whole "trying to be feminine" side of shmorkyView attachment 124665(but wait, theres more) View attachment 124666 and here we see shmorky desperate for money to waste

The calendar on Purple Pussy is so fucked up. It's the most confusing calendar I've ever seen on any website and I needed to make a dedicated post about it.


What's with the 33 next to February? Does that mean year 33, 1933, 2033? Why do the days go farther than 31 and even 0. The "FEB" link just redirects you to the same page you're on instead of taking you to March, and why does the previous month link to "DEC" and not "JAN"?


Why do the days on this one go backwards? How do you fuck up a calendar this badly?


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