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is this the cocksucker residence?
Maybe it's just a little pathetic for a manchild, who was married, to get with a younger version of the fiance he just dumped? It feels like he's always retreating.
it’s not like greg and kiwi are officially together, kiwi is just provoking june and in reality thirsting hard for his flaps
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Is it better or worse than making a montage of himself as one of the Horsemen of Skepticism?
Wasn't there a cringey fucking poster that someone made of him and the Amazing Atheist with like nicknames below their pictures? If anyone has that I could due with a laugh again.


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Doesn't he review water bottles now or something? I saw a video of his that was talking about a self filling water bottle.
His channel is basically "debunking" scams of dumb "sciency" products and he also dunks on low hanging fruit like flat earthers, antivaxxers and things like that. Otherwise he's indistinguishable from any other atheist youtuber from back in the late 00s, he even started off his youtube "career" by dunking on creationists.

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What is his obsession with comparing himself to God/Jesus? It’s so cringey but his fans eat it up as they hold him up as their “Sky daddy”. How many eye rolls can you do before your eyes pop out and roll away at 160km/hr
Can we test gregs assertion by crucifying him and seeing if he comes back already. I know it's a little hardcore but this has evolved from a funny haha joke to a point where I'm genuinely concerned the lock down forced him into a psychotic break and he actually believes he's some form of god. At the very least I won't be surprised when they find the dead tranny in his closet in about a month,


Late Heian period cowboy
The real L here is Carl with "The Advocate." Is this a reference to something else I'm not getting or could they really just not come up for something that sounded better than cheerleader?
I don't know if Greg (who made the pic by the way) had any input from the other three on how to label them. I don't even know if they were aware of the fact that they were gonna be featured in Greg's exercise in unwarranted self-importance.
Why he chose the overall theme of them being the Four Horsemen, in case anyone here doesn't know, is a reference to the Four Horsemen of Atheism or New Atheism or whatever, pic related. It's just as laughable as you may imagine, but Greg's little pic is much more laughable because the Four Horsemen of Atheism are at least somebodies and not just Z-list ecelebs.



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I just don't see it as shady at all. Yes, the power dynamic is different for an older man and a younger woman. Here's the thing though: that's a power dynamic women like. It's the reason you see it happen way more often than the inverse.
The only reason this whole thing is on the table now is because of people like Shoe: older women being traded in for younger women. Now back in the day, older women would just side-eye young whores and keep them in line other ways. I'm not expert on it but broads would just sort it out, and it worked across generations. This was especially amplified with groups of married women.
Now because of their gay sisterhood the blame falls to men for daring to be into women in their sexual prime and extreme unlikelihood of trying to desperately get pregnant by you or steal all your money. You will see this increase year over year as millennial women age into irrelevance, and the ones who actually have kids will usually shut up about it forever.

But otherwise, women dating older men happens all the time, they are attracted to it, everyone on the planet knows this, and until 15 minutes ago it wasn't used as a placeholder for being a pedophile. And I mean really think about it, unless you're a zoomer you can remember a time before we were calling everyone creepy for dating younger women. What, precisely, is creepy about it? What's creepier is older women dressing up in cheerleader outfits and shit to try and look young, not 17 year olds who at a distance look like they can breeze into a club which is pretty much the only thing D'Elia is guilty of.
Even on the absolute extreme where it's like an 80 year old dude with a 30 year old wife, every single person who sees that understands it. It's never "wow what's going through his strange mind? What is trying to GET AT with that?"

And for this reason Sh0e was great for this, she's a dumb ho. I don't think you can plug her into the trad life and have it last long term, it'll just be a lot of window dressing and she'll eventually bow out for some other dumb shit that'll get her attention. And now she's stuck with that, there will be no wheatfield-walking for her!
Dude, 35 year olds shouldn't be thirsting after and flirting with girls who are literally still in high school. That's fucking creepy no matter what you say. Age gaps are honestly whatever, but not when it's with girls who haven't even seen the real world yet. Grown ass men shouldn't be trying to get with them. It'd be one thing if he were going after girls fresh out of college- yeah, they're younger, but they've likely got at least some life experience and maturity that they've built up over the last four years. These girls that he's going after don't have that, and that's what makes it so disturbing.