shoe0nhead / June Lapine/Laporta & Armoured Skeptic / Gregory "Greg" Fluhrer - a poor man's boxxy and her knight boyfriend


They should have never gave you niggas Twitter
I'm almost positive that kiwi_sunset is a literal door-licking autist.

Like at first I thought it was young girl trying to look sexy and missing the mark because young girl, but just look at some of the faces she makes. Some are the ahegao deviancy, but others are just like "Hello fellow human, this is hot, right?"
I think she's trying to copy Belle Delphine while skinwalking shoe0nhead/boxxy. She's unique because she adds FAS to the mix.

Xerxes IX

Neko Atsume cat named Sargon of Aclawed next?

This female NEET/queen of the losers shit is becoming a serious problem in our communities.

Do your part--laugh at hot girls who post lewds all day but don't go outside.

EDIT: Wait a minute... this is all nerd shit. What do you think kiwi farmers? Real fan or just props to soak up the sweet cosplay thot cash?
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It's all just normalfag entry level flavor of the month stuff that is most likely all chinese fakes from aliexpress. so quirky and likes anime and spiderman not like other girls.



They should have never gave you niggas Twitter

Same level of delusion confirmed, fucking HARAM ☪ ☪ ☪

Wait so June went from simping a man into DDLG fetish roleplay to simping a man who thinks legal child porn should be part of the Marxist utopia.
Weird, isn't it? The brain rot is severe and real.

Marxists really have it confused: We don't hate poor people, we just hate people who think legalizing pedophilia has something to do with helping the poor.

In other words SHOE IS HARAM ☪ ☪ ☪

We are definitely on to something here. Shizoid PD you have inspired me. Just doing a search, 1 phat kek:

These twitter posts brush up against self awareness then just goes on like nothing happened. It’s insane. Couldn’t possibly be that leftism and SJW bullshit leaves you a depressed husk of a person who’s never done anything fulfilling with their life. Nah just continue to push empty hedonism, socialism lite, and mental illness. You’ll be happy one day June.


Good boy go to Heaven, bad boy go to New Jersey
Been looking at the pics of 3.0's room for a while and while she may be quasi-autistic, she may as well have gone to a mall with a Spencer's Gifts, Hot Topic, and pop-culture/anime store in it. She may have a legitimate interest in some of the shit, but it's most-popular / flavor of the month shit. If she gets anymore wall scrolls, it'll be Konosuba, most likely of Aqua, and you can fucking quote me on that.


They should have never gave you niggas Twitter
Apparently Kiwi has a thirst poster artist fan now?

If Greg finds this account I can't imagine what will happen.
That artist is another girl with yet another onlyfans? Posting that artwork for a signal boost is a clout grab move. Quite the ecosystem where a popular tradthot gets skinwalked by a less popular onlyfans thot, who is then given fan art by an even less popular thot.

Also you made me click on boobie which is of course FUCKING HARAM ☪ ☪ ☪

I still think it's weird that "chubby cheeked chick with heavy eyeliner" has been a successful THOT archetype for 10+ years now. Are there that many dudes with a Who fetish?
If I had to guess I’d say it’s an evolution of the offshoot “rebellious” chick look that started in the late 70s early 80s. It’s high school chicks who want to appear to reject the “Stacy” look, but still have men think they are hot.
Late 70s early 80s it was Punk.
Late 80s early 90s it was Rocker chick.
Late 90s early 00s it was Goth/Grunge.
2010s it was Scene.
Now it’s whatever this is, and that tongue out drooling tard look.
You can track it through pop culture media involving high school/college from each era.
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I didn't realize it before, but kiwi_sunset really is Boxxy 3.0 complete with huge ass room in her parents house. They must be loaded. I've literally never seen a photo of her outside.

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It's all weird. She's an 18yo with an OnlyFans in her parent's home. I could get it if she was poor. Dunno.