Short Hair or Long Hair? -

Short hair
I've had long hair and I've had short hair. Back in High School and college my hair would get as long as my profile pic before I entered the real world and had to look like a normal human being. Short hair is a lot easier to manage, you use less shampoo, spend less time in the shower, and you don't have to deal with your hair getting everywhere.


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I got a bad haircut in the early 90s, and basically noped the fuck out from the entire thing.
it basically stops around the small of my back
My hair is really weird. It's extremely thick but the left and right side are completely different. The right side grows into a cartoonish mess of edges while the left stays flat. That said, long hair. It feels and looks nice


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women long hair, men short hair. most women with short hair start looking a bit too much like dudes and dudes with long hair get mistaken for women too much.

only a very small percentage of either gender can look good with hair beyond their assigned gender role