Shoudaku Con - Shane Holmberg's consent con has been cancelled


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Hey @Shane_Yes_That_One , I made you a handy list which shows all of the guests attending
Shoudaku Con this year.

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Shane, you disingenuous turd muncher!

1) That site is rather limited in regards to everyone's convention schedule.
A more accurate list would be from its sister site:

2) The guy who runs these sites is KickVic.

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One thing Shane fails to mention, a lot of people didn't go to as many conventions that year, even those that have nothing to do with the whole Vic thing. Plus, that site doesn't keep track of them all. They rely too heavily on convention goers to get the information not the actual VA's.

I don't know why people are trying to dispute Shane on this. Vic is still getting himself out there, but his anime convention bookings have clearly been affected. From a "legal" perspective, I have to assume that helps the case for his appeal.


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Didn't Shane already proclaim victory? He said they were going to move on to the next person. He had his "Mission Accomplished" banner out.

Now he has to go back after Vic. Way to go George Bush.
Shane is the biggest idiot on the planet who constantly contradicts himself, you should be used to this by now.


Tiddies out for my internalized misogyny
It is the fumbling of their narrative that bugs me. They can't even keep lies straight and people still believe them.

Somehow these incompetent jackasses won. I don't understand.
They didn’t win. They just didn’t lose on a technicality of Chupp doesn’t care. Vic is still going to some cons and his fans never deserted him so they still failed in their ultimate goal.