Should Big Al's board be collapsed to a single thread? -

Merge all Al threads together?

  • Yes, she's fat and lazy. Most of her haters have moved over to Chantal anyways.

    Votes: 573 80.3%
  • No, she's worth having a board for.

    Votes: 141 19.7%

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A general Amber mega-thread and an 'others' (friends, family, facebook) thread make sense. Making a new thread for each video was the right choice before, but now, there's so little content, that they could all be discussed in one big thread. No need to clutter the big thread with the 'orbiter' topics, though. You could always make one-off threads for the big stuff (wedding,medical issue, super-drama event).

*Wait til who's wedding, Amber/Becky or Destiny/Dana? We don't know when the former's is. I might have missed it, they set a date?
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I think what we'll do is:
  • Wait for the wedding. If there's no surge in content, then
  • Archive the board, but move general out.
  • Move orbiter threads out.
  • Move off-topic threads out.
I agree with others who think there won't actually be a wedding, or at least if there is, it won't be anytime within the next year. And also
Y’all know as soon as you do this she’s just gonna start to spiral again lol
This. Her activity usually picks up during the summer, then tapers off again until December. So maybe instead of basing it on waiting for a wedding, wait and see if she actually does increase her output during the summer, and if not, then archive it.

I do like the idea of archiving the overall board but moving certain threads out.


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I like the idea of having all the Amber stuff in one place but organized into sub forums like Videos, Orbiters, Haydurz/Fan Videos, and Etc. which would include the Poetry, Art, Pointing finger, Ankles, Fiances, etc.

*Wait til who's wedding, Amber/Becky or Destiny/Dana? We don't know when the former's is. I might have missed it, they set a date?
Amber said she wants covid to not be in the mind of the people on her wedding AND that she wants to lose weight before the wedding.

So, it's not going to happen. BUT, they claim to have a date set already.


I second getting the board archived and moving other threads. It will be more organized than merging everything together and have a hard time tracking which post replies to which.

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Also RE(E): A Chantal subforum - nah. That bitch is going to die way too soon for the subforum to be worth the effort. She's peak lolcow but she's slamming meth and fatty food into every orifice and basically taunting death into taking her at this point. Just let it ride.
Look there needs to be a fat woman board. We can't go without and people like chinny will hold on longer than you'd think.

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giving Chantal a board would make her chimp even harder than she does
It would mean each of the false doxes of her Tinder matches that live for a page and die in the main thread would get too much attention, and a thread about her cats and one on Buster. And thirty threads titled "Beezin again" a month to cover her lives. (:_(

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Maybe we need a poll so we all know who’s wedding we’re waiting for! I was suggesting waiting until after the Dana / Destiny shitshow which I believe is later this month/ June? I assumed that was the wedding Dear Leader was referencing too (as, tbh, I don’t see Amber getting married or if she does, anytime soon).

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least though if ALR suddenly announced they had already tied the knot three weeks ago and wasn’t Twinkie-Storr the KWUTEEST little bridesmaid? *shows photo on phone to camera. Anyhoo, do it after Dusty and Dana’s day. Let’s not leave it unless anything (bigger than layggs) occurs.


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Amber doesn't do jack shit anymore. Her upload schedule is not consistent, her content (ha) is uh, garbage. She's not worthy of her on sub forum anymore. The only reason to go there anymore is because of the Haydurs of FB thread.

If you're waiting for the wedding, you'll be waiting forever dude.

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Wait for the wedding.
Better say the wedding or set a date. I'd be game for the wedding or the end of August if she's still just lying in bed eating orange chicken with no date in sight.

...Have they even sent out 'save the date' cards/set a date for the wedding? If not, I'd assume it'll never happen with ALR. We could make a new thread for wedding content if necessary or even have a separate "Landwhale & Lolcow nuptials" thread if need be.

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Boards aren't made or destroyed based on how much it effects the person. No decision should be made on that speculation. It's about what people actually need.
True, I wouldn't assume that was the main purpose of it. I feel the Chantal thread is just non-stop, like if I don't keep track all day it's 10-15 pages to read, overnight it's 20-25 pages even with highlights.

That's my opinion on the idea, but I know there's disagreement on this.

ETA: @shameful existence so it makes more sense to shove all of that into one thread instead?
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I know people want certain threads open, like personally i wanted social media and orbiters separate. The problem is keeping them alive and when they become inactive. (which they will) The decision will be to merge them. I just say merge them and cut the cord.

As for Chantal, her thread is hard to keep up with especially as it can gain 15 pages in a day.

RIP Amber thread but she is dead now.

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