Should Big Al's board be collapsed to a single thread? -

Merge all Al threads together?

  • Yes, she's fat and lazy. Most of her haters have moved over to Chantal anyways.

    Votes: 573 80.3%
  • No, she's worth having a board for.

    Votes: 141 19.7%

  • Total voters


Null. Shut KF down.
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I vote yes. Not sure how she ever got a subforum in the first place, she was always pretty boring.

Seemed like overnight, middle-aged fat fatties filled her thread and Null had to yell at them for powerleveling, then Dynastia had to dox a downie to demonstrate the principle, and it went downhill sideways from there.

My thought is, Amber is doing a feeder channel somewhere. Win win for her. Getting money doing what she loves and no mean comments about her relationships, pet care or attitude. Plus sticking it to the haters by withholding anything remotely interesting, pure trolling. Sure, you can scoff. Have a dry sandwich courtesy of Amber Reid.

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I'm torn because there's SO much great content from when she was actually entertaining - it would be a shame to lose it and not have it organized the way it is currently with a sub forum. But on the other hand she's so fucking boring now and her sub forum is basically deserted.

I wish she'd just die already and give us something to talk about. (:_(

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