Should Big Al's board be collapsed to a single thread? -

Merge all Al threads together?

  • Yes, she's fat and lazy. Most of her haters have moved over to Chantal anyways.

    Votes: 573 80.3%
  • No, she's worth having a board for.

    Votes: 141 19.7%

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Go cry to someone else lol
Should Amber’s board collapse?


I don’t follow Chantel because she’s just too gross for me.
It’s funny that I’ve found Simply Sara more interesting than Amber lately.


Just some asshole cat
All I can imagine is a single box with overflowing fat poking out from the holes on it and down the edges of the lid.

In any case, she's grown ridiculously boring to even think about so yeah, utterly unnecessary to have a whole board for the lazy beanbag couch, her thumb-buttler, neglected pets, faggy-shantees, downs-ridden ex&their respective fridge of a girlfriend.


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It's like she's not even trying anymore. Usually when she disappears she gets a ton of attention and speculation, but I think people are too used to it now. At this point she'll have to either break up with Becky or show her legs to get views and clicks, and you know she won't do either. She's not worth the amount of threads she has.


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About the suggestion that we give her until summer to do something interesting: even if she does, her antics are honestly few and far between. She’s made front page for being diagnosed with pussy cancer and for sending awful voicemails to Becky’s (equally awful) mom, but the novelty of even those instances lasted only a few weeks as she is so lazy and indignant that she shuts down whenever there is real milk to be shared. Boardworthy lolcows by nature overshare and chimp out under criticism, which ALR does, but not of enough substance for a whole board.

Let’s face it, she’s washed up. Back when she was with Dusty and she was fit enough to leave the house, things were a lot more interesting. She would say raunchy shit, hobble around the whole town, and her orbiters were a much funnier cast as well. Now she is practically alone, housebound and engaged to a blob, and in all likelihood will remain that way until she croaks. The only interesting things that happen in the Hambosphere now happen to the Hambo—she narcs out outrageously enough to be worth a thread but most cows worth a board earned them by their crazy own actions. Look at Chinny: that’s prime cow material. Delusional, attention-starved and responds to criticism by chimping out harder. We’ve got a half-ton junkie on our hands waving her scantily clad fupa at us and we’re still making threads for Amber literally every time she makes a sandwich. It’s time to move on, Kiwis. It’s time to move on.


Oh dear. Have I touched a nerve?
I also think its about time for Amber's board to get reduced to a single thread. There just isn't much to discuss anymore. I think keeping it to one single thread would help create a better environment to discuss things in since it would be consolidated and there are few things to talk about now anyways. Its unfortunate but Amber is never going to go back to the glory days. Every day she becomes more and more dried out. Most new topics that pop up are rife with "I am bored of this cunt" and I share that sentiment. I begrudgingly still keep up to date with her happenings but it just feels like such a waste of time now.

Sorry to prattle on, but that's my two cents.

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