Should prostitution be legal? -

Speaking from the netherlands...

Careful about having more lenient rules about prostitution than you're surroundings. It makes it easier to become a hub for human trafficking including child prostitution. And you attract both workforce and clientele in the form of immigration and tourism.

It's not just an outlet of pent up sexual energy, it fuels a growing industry and style of life that may affect more than you wish.

The less taboo it is, the more likely your daughters will come in contact with people trying to get her in that direction. There is always demand and thus financial incentive to always seek supply.
Double edged sword.

It doesn't seem a situation where there is a clear right answer.



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Double edged sword.

It doesn't seem a situation where there is a clear right answer.

I agree. Another example is occupied Japan. They had a rape problen from american soldiers. Started a brothel near the military base. Rape virtually disappeared. But then venereal disease started to plague the base and americans made the brothel illegal. Then rape was back up.


I find your article a bit harder to align with though. When something is illegal of course it's going to be more sketchy. Why continue working in an illegal profession, though?


As for people specifically attacking transgender because they're less likely to receive help... I have doubts those are the motives of friminals that do so.

Selling/buying is legal.
Sex is legal.
Why should selling/buying sex be illegal?
Because we examine the effects of sociopolitics in more complex terms than just vignettes.
the whores i know are pimpless and they get the shit kicked out of them all the time by johns. one broad came around talking retarded because a john fractured her skull. the pimp offers some security against that but comes with its own abuse.

legalization would maybe make that better.
I think it should be legal, as I don't think prostitutes themselves deserve criminal records as the majority of the time they're victims. I do believe it should be illegal for the buyer who is the actually guilty party. Paid sex is coerced sex, coerced sex is rape. A lot of the time the women have no other choice. Women's bodies should not be a commodity. I hate misogyny.


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I'd say still keep it illegal under law for moral reasons, but instead of jailing people for it just fine them. Obviously, it's not moral to engage in prostitution or buy them but it should be treated less harshly than drugs. After all drugs ruin peoples lives and split up families as well as all the aggression and abuse it causes to the user and those around them. What does prostitution do? Let's someone bust a nut with an actual human instead of wanking it themselves. I can see which of the two I just mentioned which should be treated as a worse thing than the other.