Should the United States destroy the moon? Why or why not. - I think the light provided is nice, but what about the tides? Are they good?


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It'd be cheaper and faster to sell advertising space on the Moon. I think seeing the Golden Arches or the Nike swoop in the night sky would be nice.

Solid Snek
I'd say no. While destroying the Moon might be nice in theory, any attempt by the US government to destroy the Moon would, in practice, simply result in a thirty year long military occupation, during which time nothing of any substance would get done. Moon enthusiasts would become radicalized, American astronauts would lose their lives, the Moon would never actually get destroyed - and for what? Higher taxes and pork barrel bills that only enrich the military-industrial-space-complex? Orbital satellite lasers that were originally designed to blast moon rocks, getting shipped back to Earth and handed out to the cops for use against "domestic pro-Moon extremists"?

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