Should Twitter cease to exist? -


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Twitter is the high tech version of a soundbite, which killed off meaningful and nuance in political debates. Everything must be catchy even if it has no actual substance to what is being said.

It is a cancer that allows people to not say anything that meaningful and has developed a culture of outrage. It is a cancer to intelligent discussion and rational discussion. Nothing that meaningful can be said in 120/240 characters.


i read it for the articles
I don't know, hard call. Twitter is searchable without an account which is superb. Let the loons be loony for all to see. Also agree, blight upon humanity, though. But, Mr. President has entertained me greatly via Twitter. The troll tweet about the autistic climate change teen still gives me joy. Stil don't know.


Domo Arigato
On the one hand, it turns anyone who uses it into exceptional individuals incapable of thought, sanity or rational thinking of any sort. making them no better than a genuine retard. On the other, shutting it down will just make them migrate to another site. And the cycle will repeat once more.

In other words, I've got mixed feelings on the subject.


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If we shut down Twitter, the same would happen as when we shut down all the insane asylums. You don't want these people unoccupied and running about. Please, do not shut down Twitter. It occupies the loons and it's at a safe distance.

Companies might stop taking Twitter mobs seriously, too. A lot of trolling is happening on Twitter and people create fake causes to trick companies in taking a stance. But maybe even that weeds out the bad companies. I am not sure.


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Twitter has divided people so much. I’m not saying it should cease, but maybe start by making it invisible on the App Store like they did for Tumblr.
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As tempting as it is to say yes, nuking Twitter would simply cause the cockroaches to scatter. You're treating the symptoms and not the disease here.
That’s what happened when Tumblr banned porn. Many of its users jumped ship to Twitter and brought their insanity with them. The pedos and MAPs Tumblr tried to get rid of with its ban simply moved to Twitter as well.


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It’s nothing but lunatics and outrage mobs anymore. There’s nothing salvageable on that site and it’ll never be as good as it was in 2011.
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