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Social media is a blight on humanity[...]
The designers of social media - at least of Facebook - admitted they designed it to be that way on purpose. It's about dopamine.

I miss the days when there were no smartphone zombies and no social media. A time hen you could hang out with a group of people who aren't endlessly staring at little plastic rectangles.

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In my opinion one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century is social media, the damage it has done to society is mind boggling. It started getting popular when I was in highschool and almost overnight people went from socializing in person to looking down at their phones. I miss the time before this cancer took hold, when you could do or say stupid shit without it ruining your life. When local events or happenings (both good and bad) stayed local and didn't garner the attention and wraith of millions. When a small group of crazies couldn't brow beat large companies and change things for the worst.
I miss when your average person had the attention span longer than a gold fish and could enjoy a quiet moment sitting down just observing the world around them.


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people went from socializing in person to looking down at their phones
Ever try having a conversation with someone who's trying to talk with you, but are also looking at FaceSpace or MyBook or whatever social media app on a phone? It's like they're only half there...


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How twitter operates is the problem. We need places like this that is publicly visible. That way if you tell people, "these nuts believe and act in such a way," it's not a your word versus their virtue signalling. Crap like twitter and facebook is something I told a scum ball years ago.

Some nice lady told me once that money or power are amplifiers. If you're a moron or unwise or stupid without money or power, the moment you get loads of either it will amplify who and what you are as a person. This is why God doesn't trust a lot of people with wealth as you'll spend it on twilight books, commissioning furry pron and spinning rims on your car. These venues are a form of freedom, power.

The internet is an amplifier, and through these web sites it's the same thing. Watching them being human shite to people is glorious, although at times infuriating. People like Alyssa Milano, Ron Perlman and such, when they lip flap like this, it doesn't just demonstrate what filth they are, but the types of people they submit themselves to being around and working for. It's very illustrative.

Now the conversation is no longer my word versus yours, it's YOUR WORD VS YOURS, and for that, I break out the hot dogs and pop corn. The entire thing is one giant "CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING" for people you disagree with.

Back when the police had a tiny bit of respect, you'd have them infiltrate groups to see if they were going to be violent, plan terrorist attacks and such. Assuming the whole thing wasn't an evil honeypot or whatever. Now you can just sit back in the comfort of your home and just point at them. *DING!* Popcorn done!


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Twitter is Facebook re-tarded little brother. Facebook makes twitter redundant.


Thank fucking god its all coming to the light.
nah, it makes for good laugh content. just don't ever participate, its one of those things meant for the ultra-woke and for everyone else to sit back and watch with a beer.
whats the alternative anyway? facebook? yikes.


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Twitter is Facebook re-tarded little brother. Facebook makes twitter redundant.
I think they are on the same level when it comes to being retårded, only that facebook is the "watch people livestream killing their family and scam people" retårded and Twitter is the "I'm telling mom that u said the no-no word and hurt my feefees" retærded
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The only use for Twitter is to be a containment site for all the political fucks and degenerates. The downside is how much influence the site has.
I don't think it'll wane with the amount of fags engaging each other but time will tell if the other alternatives become more better
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Twitter is the equivalent of Ringling Bros Circus. Admittedly, I only have an account to watch the show in all of its shit throwing glory. When someone points, I look. It's the same with YT. Unfortunately, some good content creators have gotten lost in the YT lolcow pasture

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I think it's a folly to blame Twitter because even without Twitter, something else will take its place.

EDIT: Ancient proverb: "The Internet doesn't make you stupid, it makes your stupidity easier to see".
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