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So I read this FML about a girl having no sexdrive due to medication and refusing to at least jack off her boyfriend because 'muh depression' . As if spreading your legs is so hard (pun intended). Me, having been depressed myself, I'd always continue having sex even if I wasn't into it, because I feel it's my duty as a girlfriend. Am I completely insane for tginking this?

depends on how serious the relationship is

if its very serious (marriage and children on the table) then you gotta do your duty as a spouse, cause a sexless marriage can't give you any children, and a childless AND sexless marriage sounds like it's just a divorce waiting to happen.

if its not very serious then why are you still in a relationship even though at least one of you isn't attracted to the other one anymore? might be time to split up.

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I had a 5 year relationship fall apart for the same reason. Depression meds+ the pill really messed up her sex drive. We ended up drifting apart surprisingly rapidly and broke up.

I don't think you should have to put out but you definitely have to be aware of your partner's needs.

Depends how long-term the dry spell is going to be.
If the person is just permanently done with sex, it will put a pretty drastic stressor on a relationship. The lack of intimacy can drive quite a few people to find it elsewhere.
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