Should we make a law forcing social media platforms and web hosts to be bound by the first amendment? -

Wouldn't work. They would just host their servers in a country that doesn't really care what American law says.

If America couldn't shut the pirate bay they're not going to stop some backwater shit hole realising they can become a tech giant homebase by further relaxing their internet laws as soon as America does this.

Pretty sure they wouldnt ditch murica cus of the safe haven laws

Unless trump gets it repealed

I think the internet is done for. 99% of web hosts can refuse hosting a website if it espouses Neo-Nazi views, the alt-right presence on social media is pretty much done for, and now only a handful of alternatives remain. On the one hand, you have alternative platforms like Bitchute/DTube/Daily Motion, Minds, Gab, Voat, etc. While on the other you have apps like Telegram, Riot and Mumble. In fact, the Jews have such a stranglehold over the internet, that anytime a good new website comes up, it gets shoah'd within days, weeks or monthsat best. I can't even tell you how much lost content we're dealing with here that has just been completely scrubbed off the face of the internet and gone forever. Now even is getting attacked by the media and Big Tech so they might go down too so that the last bastion of inernet free speech is gonna be gone. I think even has cucked a while back and complied with MSM outlets to stop archiving news articles so that they'll keep getting money through clicks and advertisements.

So basically, we're gonna have to build our own internet from scratch if we want to stay afloat. Because since the Jews now control every corner of the internet, and for the few wensites that are left are now cucking to the Jews and now that ICANN is in the hands of an international body, we would have to think even deeper as to how we can avoid being censored. My best guess is going back to modem and BBS, really. Not only because nobody below the age of 35 remembers BBS, so that means no braindead zoomers, but also because the internet itself was kiked from the beginning. As many people have pointed out in this thread, enforcing this would be impossible.

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That would require a government that gives a fuck about free speech from the get go; and was willing to actually go in teeth out for the companies and their kikery.

Not gonna happen. We literally need a second internet at this point.
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Google has been fucked for a long time. Do an image search for “white inventors” and see what you get. Same for straight couples, white men, white women etc. a search for anything normative or majority is the complete opposite of what you’re looking for. It’s as if they are trying to teach you a lesson and force “diversity” on you. They are the preachy judgmental sjw coworker who is constantly trying to force you to have “those tough conversations”. 🙄. Every graphic ad I see lately in gmail or whatever has a black hand holding a white hand, it’s so insane. They are totally hamfisted about all of this. Let’s just go back to being normal and let people find their friends and social group because they like one another. Remember that? I think they are too deep in to be honest and let people use their brains to form their own opinions.
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All social media sites are ran by private companies with whatever rules they want and whatever law the govt cook up would end up being circumvented in some way. What we could have are nation ran social media sites that run on law-established rules.


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I think we should round up every big tech head honcho (and every politician for that matter) and subject them to 1984 levels of behavior modification torture techniques. Except instead of brainwashing them into being mindless unthinking drones we brainwash them into being zealous supporters of the first amendment.
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