Should you fight irl people who cyberbully you? -

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Ring the bell, Roll down the street
If you break and cut off their fingers, sure it can. No way to type anything or unlock their phones, they're going to be denied every opportunity to bully anyone else ever.

Robert James

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Just set it up behind a Wendys in Texas, it still allows mutual combat.

If you've seen the Ralph/Tonkasaw debacle, you should already know the answer to that question.
warski/donga was a massive win for warski and a disastrous humiliation for donga

anyway, to deal with cyberbullying properly you have to go on the offense, and go hard. i recommend buying a shotgun to put the guy six feet under, that'll teach him a lesson.


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No. Instead, beat up everyone in the world except your bully. That way, they have the psychological torture of knowing everyone around them is being beaten up and that their time must surely come, but it never does.

Chonburi Flaps

But if not see boob shape? How know is woman?
Just send them pictures of you in a black trench coat with a katana from Walmart.


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I actually did meet someone that gave me shit online on an old forum once

I came up to them all boisterously "HEY HOW'S IT GOING BUDDY NICE TO FINALLY MEET YOU! IT'S ME! PISSMASTER, FROM THE INTERNET! AND YOU'RE SHITMUNCHER420!" and they were all meek and just said "uh, hi", and did anything they could to not talk to me or even look at me hahahahahahahahahahaha
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