Shower Thoughts - What philosophers we can be within the confides of our grimy, damp box

Dec 8, 2017
Every emotion you feel, every memory you cherish, and everything you love or have ever loved is the result of electrons interacting with one another.

people taking responsibility is actually quite rare

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Sep 23, 2018
If I were black, I would go to a DSA meeting or the like and tell them my preferred pronoun is the N-word, with the hardest R you've ever heard. If someone uses some other pronoun to refer to me, I would take great offense that they're not using my pronoun.

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Mar 5, 2021
"Why hasn't anyone made a Kaizo hack of the original Boogerman where everything green is red and the 'Pick and Flick adventure' subtitle is replaced with 'Battle of Bloody Run' or something."
-Me, a few seconds from bleeding in the shower from the water touching my dry nose.
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that's a lot of incest
Feb 19, 2015
When the sum of all humanity is inevitably gathered into data and coalesced into a single, multi faceted super being what gender will it insist on using


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Mar 29, 2014
If there's no afterlife, then there seems to be a circular reasoning emerging.

One's point of awareness would be produced by one's brain.

But why in that brain or why at all?

Because that brain would produce it.