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i dont know why, but it still just gets me all mad at the internet how Amber eats out of goddamn serving bowls. Like that's a normal human sized plate that normal humans are supposed to fill and consume. How far would it go to just downsize all the plates and bowls they own so they expect and make smaller portions. But nah, Amber wants that huge bowl to be FULL of slop, topped off like food mountain when the camera is off.

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It's frustrating because even a normally generous portion of food for an adult looks like a stingy bit in large serving dishes. I've frequently seen diets that advise downsizing your plates & bowls; the smaller size makes it look like a larger amount of food & if that bit of mind trickery helps, why the hell not?

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A family size pack has 5 serves according to the website... she says "this is WORTH the calorieeess huneeeeee! ... this is so perfect, it is so delicious..." are we really supposed to believe that they ate a serve each and then saved the rest for another day? Or threw it out?

Also, the pack is 510g, and a serving is 100g, yet dieting and nutrition expert AL is measuring a cooked product that absorbs water as it cooks.

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