Shows you've had a falling out with - IE, they just suck now

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What are some series you used to love, or even just enjoy, that jumped the shark so hard you stopped watching entirely? Or still watch, but out of protest?

The biggest one for me is South Park.

I was late to the SP train, only starting around 2004, and when I found it I binged just about everything before the 2005 season started and loved almost every second of what I found. The dud episodes were few and far between.
And like clockwork, 2005 was really when the downfall started for me. There were still some clever episodes, but waaaay less than ever before. I was utterly sick of the show by 2008 and flat out quit after being subjected in 2010 to the worst thing ever put on TV: its 200th episode "200".

But I think the nail in the coffin for what actually happened to South Park is right here:

Fucking. Pussies.

Regardless if Global Warming is real, the last person who ever needs an apology is Al fucking Gore; the most hypocritical, corrupt, and overrated person in human history. I went from saying South Park just sucks now to Matt and Trey lost their dicks and the show is only still on the air these days because of its impact (None of which came from anything post-2010).

I'm probably not the only one who wishes it would end already.

Share yours!
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Several. Some are a bit autistic choices because I'm one of the younger ones and I liked cartoons up into my teens.

  • Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. Quit after the middle of the second season because I knew where it was going and I didn't want it to become like Faggy Universe. Seeing how the ending was received by fans and casual watchers alike, I was fucking right.
  • We Bare Bears. Stopped watching it at the beginning of the third season because it was getting boring.
  • Da Ali G Show and Who Is America?. I now view it in a negative light after Sacha Baron Cohen's ADL speech. The man was pretty much just making humor to mock the goyim now that I think about it. That doesn't invalidate them, they're still funny, I just don't really maintain as much respect for them anymore. Also, the latter had a significant left-wing bias as Cohen only ever really went after the fringe right and not the fringe left.
  • The Fairly Oddparents. Loved the first 5 seasons...seasons 6-8 were okay...meanwhile season 9 was the hop-off point and season 10 was all shit.
  • Family Guy. I still stayed on as I actually thought the show was getting a little better, I really liked season 16's experimental approach, but season 17 was a piece of shit and the current season is even worse. So I've stopped watching it.
  • The Simpsons. I used to catalog new episodes for The Official Simpsons Griefing Thread, but it just ain't fucking worth it anymore. The show is a piece of fucking shit. How many times can someone say that enough?

Man Bear Pig wasn't mocking global warming it was mocking Al Gore's messiah complex.

But I agree the apology was lame and uncalled for.

I think there's a lot of shows that wear on well past their prime and it's not nearly as evident until you go back and watch the earlier seasons.

Off the top of my head, Criminal Minds, aside from losing the dynamic between Morgan & Spencer the whole show for the last 5 years just seems to phone it in, going through the motions with no real substance.

Guts Gets Some
Man Bear Pig wasn't mocking global warming it was mocking Al Gore's messiah complex.
It was both, I thought. At least the concept of "ManBearPig" was pointing out his biggest messiah complex, which was global warming. The fact the "apology" episode also used MBP again, only real and deadly (IE, a real threat) after Matt and Trey learned "Global Warming was srs business" and all that, but whatever.

With how much he bolstered it, Al Gore and Global Warming are unfortunately interchangeable these days.

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Law & Order SVU: As soon as they brought in the two new characters (Detectives Amaro and Rollins) it wasn't the same as Benson's & Stabler's characters and chemistry they had together. Amaro and Rollins just come off as teenagers that are just pretending to play cops (not to mention I remember them complaining a lot about stupid shit).

Last Man Standing: This was a show that one of my ex's watched a lot, so I decided to check it out. It stars Tim Allen, and was basically the only reason why I gave the show a shot in the first place. First season was fine... nothing spectacular, but it didn't bore me to death. As soon as the second season started, thats when shit got bad... the older daughter gets replaced with a different actor and all of a sudden the show get's politically preachy (like leftist libtard preachy). Made me do a hard "nope" really fucking quick.

That's off the top of my head.

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Game of Thrones after season five.

I should have stopped watching after they began butchering Stannis Baratheon's character in season two, but I held out hope.

Then out came the completely out-of-character burning and the Dorne storyline. And no Victarion.

And South Park, for the same reasons as listed above.


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  • Once Upon a Time: the first season was really good, but quality dropped sharply once there was too much focus on Hook and curses kept happening at every season finale
  • Revenge: I really enjoyed the first season, but the second added an exceptional plot line that never went anywhere. On top of it, keeping the father alive was bad because it made the “revenge” not as meaningful.

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Basically most of what everyone posted already (GOT butchered Stannis and it was a sign of things to come) but right now Westworld is the best example of a show that started out with good acting, an interesting plot in S1 and then took a screaming nosedive into the ground in S2. S3 is HBO selling off bits of the wreckage to anyone who cares.

Part of what made Season 1 so good was Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris. Hopkins is such a skilled actor that his absence from most of S2 and S3 to date is so noticeable that whenever his character's name is mentioned it's a reminder of the depth he gave the series and it's missing now that he's gone. Harris is barely around but when he does appear he almost makes up for the bad writing/pacing/acting in Westworld. Almost because the contrast just reminds you how shit this series is.

I'm only watching so I can see Ed Harris do a final beat down of Evan Rachel Wood. Wood is well cast as a robot because it suits her robotic acting acting perfectly.

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I was a huge fan of South Park as a kid. Nowadays I don't watch it less because of anything the show's done but more because I just lost interest.

Game of Thrones ended at season 4, darn shame Gurm couldn't finish the books and they had to cancel.

I dropped Rick and Morty after it achieved memedom.

I stopped watching Mr. Robot after it became a "we r the 99%, anonymoose does not forgive", which was probably season 1 because I remember like nothing about it otherwise.

The first season of Heroes was so good and had sooo much potential. Everything after that fell apart.
It was so disappointing how lame almost all the new characters were, and doubly so that they put heavy emphasis on the lame characters at expense of the interesting ones. I wanted to see more of Hiro and the English guy that becomes a legendary samurai, but no, they got sidelined for the New Orleans cousin who uses her powers to make tomato roses and perform jump rope tricks, and those horribly whiny Hispanic twins planning to sneak into the US illegally. Everytime the latter was on screen their dialog always consisted of some variant of "Waah I'm so upset at my power to instakill everyone around me when my eyes turn black!" "Don't worry when we sneak into America, Doctor Whoever will cure you for sure." Every single time.