SHRIMP MUKBANG| GAINING WEIGHT? 4/3/19 - She’s definitely gaining weight

What should be Al’s next mukbang?

  • Orange chicken

    Votes: 94 38.1%
  • Panda Express

    Votes: 14 5.7%
  • Taco Bell

    Votes: 22 8.9%
  • Cheesecake

    Votes: 21 8.5%
  • Ice cream

    Votes: 8 3.2%
  • Cheese

    Votes: 17 6.9%
  • Salad

    Votes: 49 19.8%
  • French fry

    Votes: 15 6.1%
  • Other (say in comments)

    Votes: 7 2.8%

  • Total voters


Gorl who loves orange chicken
True & Honest Fan
  • Whole bunch of justifying why she shouldn’t show her weight gain/weight loss
  • Says she wants to do videos that focus more on her furbabies, girlfriend, etc.
  • Talks about the video that O2B made about morbidly obese mukbangers
  • Al’s response is that you can still do mukbangs and lose weight
  • Claims to have lost 2 pounds on the day she did the sausage mukbang
  • The shrimp she’s eating is only 405 calories you guise!!!
  • She loves the water jug she’s drinking out of
  • Does a lot of promotion for Bee Loves Life’s channel
  • She just loves that family and she likes watching the mukbangs they do together
  • Al showing everyone that she likes to drink water
  • That’s about it, she manages to talk a lot while saying very little (much like Eric)
  • She gets through half the shrimp before she feels too full
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IslamicContentental Belt

Rowdy Jihadi Piper
This is one of her favorite games where she eats something relatively low calorie like shrimp. Since a whole pound of cooked shrimp is 500 calories she can act like she's being hated on for no reason despite the very obvious and relevant point that someone who is 600 pounds should not make their money eating on camera.

Amber said:
Like I'm not saying I'm never gonna come on here and eat fast food or whatever but like think of the other mukbang channels and like the really skinny people. Like why is that okay? You know just because you're skinny doesn't mean you're healthy.
Fatties really love to repeat this line, don't they? Sure, Amber, just because someone is skinny doesn't mean they're healthy. So what? Being 600 lbs means you definitely are not healthy. Even if you're not feeling the effects of it yet, you will.

Amber should really try to enjoy the remainder of her 20s. All the consequences of her shitty choices are patiently waiting to smack her upside the head. December 27, 2020 isn't that far away.


Enter the void.
I love muckbangs they just make you feel like your less alone
Who wants to take her under his wing to train into a 10/10 qt? It might be gross at first, but you will replace her muckbangs and put her on a steady diet of cum. After a few months she won't be horrifying and in a year or two she will bloom into a waifu the likes of which you can't imagine!


600lb hambeast eating a whole fucking platter of shrimp, while also saying, ‘you can do mukbangs and lose weight’ is genius to some extent.
I can’t tell if she’s trolling or the thought just goes right over her head.
I don't think Amber has realised yet that "mukbang" doesn't mean "stuffing your face with 3000 calories on camera", I wonder what the original Korean mukbangers must think when they see their idea for social eating being overrun by obese people looking for a reason to pig out.

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"This is actually really healthy, a lot of people won't believe me"

She only disclosed the calories but shrimp is shrimp. Sure shrimp may not be calorically rich, but the cholesterol is bothersome. Cholesterol usually is not a problem for normal-sized people but at her size and knowing her complaints of leg pain (potential circulatory problems that need to be addressed immediately), a spike in cholesterol can push her over the edge. Her total lack of nutritional knowledge is astounding considering how she always touts how knowledgeable she is. Let's see if our gorl even makes it to see summer.


Kill Everyone Now, Mama!
I wonder what the original Korean mukbangers must think when they see their idea for social eating being overrun my obese people looking for a reason to pig out.
Sorry for the incoming novel but I think about this a lot. Not that mukbangs are some kinda sacred thing requiring gatekeeping, but it's really absurd how far from mukbangs a lot of these youtubers are. For one, they're supposed to be live streamed around mealtimes so that they can actually interact with the viewers. People who do them are usually very attractive. The overall idea is that people who are isolated/lonely can feel like they're having a social meal with someone (attractive). South Korean culture is really big on the social aspect of meals. I mean anyone with Korean friends here can cosign this, I'm sure. When you go out to eat, it's a whole long social process, with a variety of stuff to eat. It's a 2-3hr long ordeal where you're just grazing family-style and shooting the shit.

I think there's a bit of counter-culture aspects to it as well. Like they're pretty health-conscious and a stagnant economy, so I guess the idea of eating a ton of food is exciting and interesting.

But in the land of cheesecake factory portions, it just doesn't work. Like western mukbangs are a far cry from it. Portions and food is already abundant and ridiculous. There's no interaction with these youtubers, and it heavily panders to feeders or whatever other fetishes are adjacent to it. That one bitch sucking cheese sauce off a crab

Just consider the juxtaposition of virtually sharing a meal with a guy who looks like a kpop star who will interact with you....vs watching Nikocado fake crying over crab legs talking about which dipping sauce he prefers for 45min. Or Chantal eating chicken strips in her car on a food tray. Or our gorl eating a spicy chicken talking about having a nutritionist. Not to mention all the petty drama (because that's what happens when unremarkable people are given a platform). It's not the same IMO.

Most of these mukbangs like our gorl, is just a way for them to bypass scrutiny....cause they're not "really" overeating...they're just doing a mukbang.

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