Shroom ILJ Girl Email Hack - New Leaked CWC Vid - [Repost due to database rollback]

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Fancy Bear

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Jul 26, 2017
Greeting Farms of Kiwi! Long time no chat-chit.

So I was seeings interest in this new shroom ILJ girly with the fungus and CWC fetish, and thot Fancy Bear could be helping some. Email soon nabbed with fancy ruski pivot technique. Was not of certain what to look for takings in inbox before being booted out :(

Was not being quick enough to take images of original email headers. But have this one showing active webmail session from history, is enough to prove access yes.
Luckily, Fancy Bear find 3 videos in Sent folder and snag before getting kicked.

2 videos seeming known already to Sonichu wiki archives. One is Sonichu animation which is of being made by ILJ herself. Other is being long call with CWC discussing the mother fuckings shit. Postings that one anyway since it is seeming to be original? Maybe metadata prove is original copy.

Metadata having Aug 2nd creation timestamp:

Last one in ILJ's Sent folder was new unseen CWC vid! And was of being sent to address labeled praetor_llc. This is helping anyone know of man recording? Here we are finding Chris in Goochland libraries (heh, gooch) making love to invisible Rosechus, how lewd :oops:

Metadata here having Feb 23rd 2021 creation timestamp:

Feb 23rd date help narrow too maybe? CWC shirt here seem older than Feb 23rd 2021, so unsure if metadata could be froms later rendering timestamp and not being true record date. But items near sink and sign making seem at least COVID-eras?? Discuss please Christorians!

Cheers to all Farms of Kiwi, and remember to use 2FA :drink:


10anon account = IJL, many notifications, such popularity!
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Mar 25, 2021
Ofc she doesn't use 2FA
Imagine being a glowie, having a spic daughter, becoming obsessed with opsec and online privacy because you know what's happening behind the scenes, going : "Bella my girl don't use regular browsers"

Fast-forward : She uses a gmail account with no 2FA

How much of a failed child can one be?