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SidheMOO is a post-apocalyptic text based role-playing game. It is set after an atomic conflict has brought down the great civilizations of the 21st century. Enough time has passed that some towns and vestiges of society have returned, but not nearly enough to curb the inherent violence and conflict of a life lived without comfort or salvation. Corporations both ancient and new sit astride the few surviving cities like obscene, glittering spiders, wielding their power over their desert domains without question and without mercy. The fake smile, the furtive stare are the weapons of the city-dweller, forever dependent on their corporate masters for protection against the raiders and radioactive sands. Yet a few wander the wastes, living off the bones of the old world and whatever justice they can find at the end of their gun. Only time will tell who is stronger.

Text game?

SidheMOO is a text only game that is played using either telnet or another client (I recommend MUSHclient) to do everything. There's no system requirements at all.

What's this about griefing?

SidheMOO is an open PVP game (with the slight limitation of the admins frowning on people picking on newbies) and fully supports murder, theft, scamming, and most other kinds of sociopathic behaviour. Provided you arn't using some kind of exploit, most things are fair game.

Sounds neat. How do I connect?

Pop open MUSHclient, go to the Connection menu, hit Quick Connect, and a box should pop up. Name the game whatever you want, then in TCP/IP put and in Port put 7667, which should take you to the login screen. You should be able to figure it out from there! If you are using a client other than MUSHclient, put the connection info in the appropriate place.

What sort of features does SidheMOO have?

This is a large, but by no means comprehensive list of features.

* Heavily customizeable characters that can be trained in 30+ different skills and enhanced with mutations, ranging from horrid cannibal minions to bone claws to speaking to plants to becoming a fucked up snake mutant.
* Full Player VS Player combat
* Overhead mini-map, in technicolor!
* Well-developed player and NPC economy with crafting and shops
* Robbery! Pick the locks of people's apartments while they arn't home and run away with their shit before the cops (or their angry friends) get there!
* A chop shop, where you can quickly dispose of someone's plane for some cash and XP.
* A variety of weapons, from makeshift clubs and massive swords, to guns, hand grenades and nuclear missiles.
* Player-created corporations that you can join to hang out and chat with your friends, from anywhere in the game
* Parties that you can join to talk to your party friends, also from anywhere in the game
* Drugs (buy, sell, and use them)
* Pilotable aircraft (Renowned for the being the best text-based aircraft ever, now with hot air balloons!)
* A bunch of drivable motorcycles
* Sex (Whore yourself out to NPCs or players for cash, or just screw someone for quick healing after a fight)
* Pregnancy and abortion (And auto-abortion)
* Communicable diseases (Including STDs, Ebola, and other such life-threatening diseases)
* Many, many mental illnesses with various effects.
* Gambling (Poker face not included)
* Fishing (Bring your own beer)
* Mining (Now with appropriate miners' helmets!)
* Hacking and cybernetic implants (Design your own house on the internet!)
* Scientologists (With machine guns)
* Terrorists (Some of which use giant hammers)
* Pirates (Now in the Sky variety!)
* Zombies (Also in four-arms variety)
* Ghosts (Not in zombie flavor)
* Vampires (No sparkling allowed)
* Ninjas (In scientologist form too)
* Darkness (And lights with which to brighten said darkness)
* Hundreds of achievements and journal entries for unique feats! Plus, you keep all of these if you decide to reroll, allowing you to start off with a bunch more XP and get a leg up.
* A wide variety of jobs that reward you with cash and XP!

Character creation

Your starting stats are determined by the skills you tag during character creation. Tagging a skill makes it cheaper (XPwise) to learn more levels of later from NPC teachers or players. You can increase stats further down the road by going to a gym, and you get more gym points whenever you unlock a new mutation slot. If you don't wish to tag 4 skills at the start for whatever reason, you get additional gym points to compensate.

I would advise against picking a race to start; they're mostly for advanced players and all of them have some pretty serious disadvantages (especially hideous freak and vampire). You can also choose not to pick any traits; a number of those have downsides as well!

How do I talk to other people?

The primary way to chat to people is via chatnet. Type chatnet on (though you should be autojoined to this channel when you make your char) and then chat <message>. If you're in a corp, type c <message> to type in corpchat.

There are some other chat channels, such as tradenet (for trading with other players), and zotnet (communicating with admins).

Oh god this game is complex what do I do

Start by exploring Freedom City and the surrounding areas of Gangland and Slagtown. Check out the unemployment office-- UO on the map, there's a list of jobs you can do there. You should try to get hired into a player corporation ASAP, as it gives you access to contracts which pay you for killing shit.

If you arn't sure how something works, type "help" and you'll get a list of help topics (which are currently being updated from a previous version of the game) and you can also type help <topic> to get more information about a thing,.

How do I get stronger?

Kill shit for XP, do jobs, gain achievements, that sorta thing. This gives you XP, which you can use to train your skills higher, allowing you to fight stronger enemies and thus gain more XP. I'd recommend focusing your XP at least initially on your primary weapons skill and on the dodge skill.

Also, of course, get better gear.

I strongly recommend using gyms to increase the two stats your primary weapon type uses.

Which corporation is good to join?

Really, any of them is fine right now. The main active ones at the moment are HVAC (run by someone named Nyarlathotep, who is pretty chill and has a big dick), LAW (run by a Judge Dredd roleplayer who is also pretty chill) and JPEG (some guy's one man crafter corp?). You can also start your own corp by scraping together enough cash and buying a business license at City Hall.

I keep getting killed by the cops and stuffed in jail!

Don't attack people or NPCs in areas that have cameras. Basically, in Freedom City, though other places may have cameras and security as well. If you have stars (which you can check in your status), the cops will be after you until they decay. In jail it's 1 IRL minute/star, though you can just go on the run and they'll decay slower. Freedom City cops won't follow you outside of the greater FC area (Freedom City, Gangland, and Slagtown).

If you were caught and killed by the police (or by a player) and end up in jail, just hang around or annoy other people in prison until your stars decay. Then go to the fine terminal and type 'pay fine', and it'll automatically extract the microbomb from your head. Don't forget this step-- if you forget to have the bomb removed and commit another crime, it'll detonate and make your head explode!

I got sick with something. How do I deal with it?

Either ask a player with medic skill to treat you, or go to the free clinic in Slagtown. Note that the NPC doctor there can't cure all illnesses.

Some asshole keeps killing me!

Newbie griefing is frowned upon by both the admins and most other players. If someone much buffer keeps killing you for no good reason and especially if they're spawn camping you, complain to admins and also to other players on chatnet.

This, of course, does not apply if you bring it on yourself (eg attacking someone first).

How do I keep people from taking my shit when I die?

You can buy cocoon capsules at a store in Freedom City that will pop and preserve your gear. This is only effective up to a certain level of experience, however, so don't count on it!
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Man, I didn’t know MUSH/MUDs were still a thing. I remember a friend and I used to have a client that had like 50 or so of the biggest Mud’s already pre-dialed in, and that was cool (probably a precursor to MushClieant). I might check this out.

Sounds like a less annoying Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead.

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I've heard about the old MUSH and MUD games but I never got to play them. Are there any out there that are just browser based and don't require you to download some kind of client?

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