Signs of possible lolcows -


Stairs are my worst enemy
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Things that tip me off on someone being a possible lolcow:
  • Identifying as trans/non-binary
  • Calling themselves something other than gay, straight or bisexual
  • They call themselves an “influencer”
  • Is in any of these professions:
    • Model​
    • “Professional Youtuber”​
    • Twitch streamer​
    • Journalist/news anchor​
    • Beauty guru​
  • Subsists from e-begging
  • They need to let you know their beliefs all the time
  • Consistently gets into internet slap fights
  • Has hair in an unnatural color
  • Wears clothing that doesn’t fit or is age inappropriate
All of these are just possible signs to me of being a lolcow. Simply having one of these traits doesn’t make you a lolcow (as far as we know)

Feel free to add other signs as well
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Stairs are my worst enemy
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Is a part of any of these fandoms:
  • Pokémon
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Steven Universe
  • Disney (Disney Princess especially)
  • MCU
  • My Little Pony
  • Harry Potter
Being a passive fan doesn’t count. This person would have to have their fandom(s) consume everyday life and bring it up all the time. Bonus points if they write fanfic and draw fan art.


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I'll provide some signs and give some notable examples for each:

- If they're a content creator, they insult their fanbase (i.e. Mumkey Jones, Quinton Reviews, and Ice Poseidon )
- Sperg out unhealthily about their political views (i.e. Moviebob, Spoony, Razorfist, and Andrew Dobson)
- LARP/Disconnected from reality/Delusions of grandeur (i.e. CWC, Derek Savage, Sargon of Akkad, and Dakari-King Mykan)
- Very public about their fetishes with no self awareness (YMS, Jacob Sockness, BentheLooney, and JustinRPG)
- Try to scam people out of money or outright lie to people (i.e. Douge Walker, Boogie1488, and Amberlynn Reid)