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If you're worried about predicting the birth of a lolcow, you probably should spend less time looking in the abyss.
It’s not really a worry for me. I was just curious as to what other people believe are traits of potential lolcows. It’s meant to be fun.
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Neko GF

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-Incels (Examples: Elliot Rodger, Marjan Siklic )
-Has been part of the Skeptic™ Community (Examples: Matt Mundane, Shoe0nHead, Kraut, the Amazing Atheist, Sargon)
-Absolute train-wreck in life (Examples: Drachenlord, CWC, Amberlynn)
-Injects politics where they shouldn't be (Examples: QuintonReveiws, Spoony, Jerry Pett, JelloApocalypse )
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