Signs of possible lolcows -

Some Manajerk
No Kiwi, you are the Lolcows.
and then Kiwi was a lolcow.

Tism and spergery aren't automatically going to make someone a cow, I'll say. its just if they don't get help and support so they can learn how to wrangle themselves it really does them no favors.

PL 001

Living in a bubble/echo chamber where your opinions are the only correct, righteous ones, and anyone who dissents or disagrees is an enemy who needs to be silenced for the good of us all. Political extremists being the obvious example. Tons of undocumented cows that need m.ilking there.
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I don't lift out of principle.
- posts more than one youtube video within one day, long term
- lives off of being an "influencer"
- not letting go of the 2006-2010 era
- greasy bangs, for some reason
- hoarders, usually (caused by multiple hauls, for example)
- male beauty gurus (90%+ of them)
- using ultra special fonts and emojis on every fucking post

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