Inactive Simba Lion / Steven Hopps - Actual legal name, claims Disney stole it, SHOT TWO COPS (AND DIED)

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Jul 7, 2016
We’re there people unrelated to the group getting doxed? I know it’s a bit off-topic, but we’re people paranoid enough that they were going after random people with no confirmed ties to the zoosadist group?
I'll put it like this. Enough shit was scrubbed that I'm trying to keep my response enough limited to not out myself.

I never did any beast art or anything in the like, nor did I hang around these people actively to know them that well. It's just the downfall of which, reached my ears so fast that it caused a whiplash.

Edit: Check more tight-knit groups such as SecondLife for more info if you wanna dig some more. Furries are due NOT to scrub that shit due to monetary value there.


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Sep 28, 2019
hope it's ok to resurrect this thread after a year of inactivity, but i stumbled across it while looking into simba lion earlier today and i have more to report: he's back in michigan and stirring up quite a ruckus.

i've only been in the fandom a few years myself, so i wasn't paying attention in the early 00s when our pal simba supposedly created the michigan furries community, but some of the older furs still remember him & i'm sure none of you are surprised to hear his reputation is... less than sparkling. anyway, he moved back to MI back in june i believe (monroe, specifically--about 40 miles south of me). apparently, his landlord is trying to fuck him over, and it's totally not his fault he can't pay rent:

makes me wonder where that $600/mo is coming from. hopefully no unsuspecting chucklefucks took that bait.

anyway, dude wasn't on my radar until a couple weeks ago, when i saw an interesting announcement in one of the local tg chats:

i didn't attend that meet myself--battle creek is a 2-hour drive for me--but stories i heard from friends confirmed this account. he was allegedly yelling about how the furry fandom isn't "accepting" anymore & being aggressive to the other furs. you know, the usual simba stuff. i tried to see if there were any news articles about it, but turned up nothing.

here's his account of what happened:
a likely story.jpeg

typical simba "everything going wrong in my life is someone else's fault" attitude. i have to wonder what poor schmuck offered to give him a ride all the way out to battle creek--no wonder they ditched him lmao. "no reason" indeed

i forgot about him until the last few days, when i started noticing him posting in michigan furry facebook groups, talking about getting more involved in the community. today, he posted this:

the local community is doing fine on its own--thriving, even; there are multiple meets a month all over the state, and there isn't much "inter-personal drama" that i've witnessed. seems pretty clear to me that he just misses the good ol days when he was in charge of a community, and he's pissed that nobody wants him back.

myself and others contacted admins of various groups & organizers of different meets, sharing what we knew of the guy, & he's just about been kicked out of whatever groups he was still in. the post about the discord server was deleted shortly after it was made, and he was removed from all the MI furries facebook groups.

crazy to me how he can push the blame off himself so relentlessly and refuse any form of criticism or even friendly advice. i almost feel bad for the guy--he keeps reaching out, trying to be social, and then isolates himself with his shitty attitude & utter lack of self-improvement. it's going to be interesting to see what kind of shit he tries to pull in the coming months. i'll keep you guys updated as best i can. hopefully he doesn't snap & shoot up a bowling alley full of fursuiters.

also, here's a bonus blog post he made this past spring about how much he hates women for... doing their jobs. yeah. i think my favorite part is when he says there's no god, but brings up how women are responsible for original sin. also how he mentions bill collectors calling him for money, & then later says "i succeed in my life." ok pal
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Oct 11, 2014
This guy sounds more and more delusional along the lines of our Magical Star Buddy Russell Greer, except an even bigger loser. Russ at least manages to hold down his menial labour jobs and saves enough money to pay for his trips to the brothels in Nevada to get his dick wet, or to launch foolish lolsuits (but not enough for both!) but he and Simba sound alike in thinking themselves successful and all their problems being caused by other people out to get them, not their own shitty entitled personalities.

That rant about women....whoo boy. :neckbeard: city. Simba, King of Lions? More like King of Incels.


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Nov 20, 2019

Monroe shooting suspect remains in critical condition
by Tyler Eagle

Simba Lion, a 40-year-old Monroe resident who originally is from Oakland County and spent time in Georgia, remains hospitalized after Tuesday’s shooting.

The Michigan State Police of the Monroe Post has identified the man who reportedly shot two Monroe police officers as Simba Lion, a 40-year-old Monroe resident who originally is from Oakland County and spent time in Georgia.

Lion remains in critical condition at the Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center, Toledo. According to police, Lion has life-threatening injuries, which were the result of multiple gunshots he suffered when the two officers returned fire.

Lt. Brian Oleksyk said Lion has not been able to speak to investigators because of his condition, therefore any charges to be filed are pending.

“As of right now, he is not under arrest,” Oleksyk said. “He’s a suspect. We want to get his side of the story.”

The officers, whom officials have yet to identify, were released Tuesday afternoon after seeking treatment for gunshot wounds to their legs.

The incident, which began about 9 a.m. Tuesday at the Washington Arms apartments, 725 Washington St., stemmed from an alleged dispute between Lion and a maintenance worker at the complex over the use of pesticides.

Officers responded to two 911 calls that were made regarding an assault complaint. As officers attempted to contact Lion, he fired at them, striking them in the legs. Officers returned fire, striking Lion multiple times.

Lion, according to legal documents, was born Steven Joseph Hopps, in Oakland County. He initiated a petition to change his name to Simba Lion on Nov. 3, 2015, in the Superior Court of Athens/Clarke County, Georgia.

In the petition, Lion indicated both of his parents are deceased and he does not maintain relationships with extended family. He also said he had been using the name Simba Lion for 21 years.

The order was granted Jan. 6, 2016, according to court records.

In screen shots of Facebook forums obtained by The Monroe News, a person identifying himself as Simba Lion indicated he was allegedly in the middle of a dispute with Beal Properties, which manages his apartment building.

Beal Properties lists several apartments at Washington Arms as being managed by the company. Attempts by The Monroe News to contact a representative of the company were unsuccessful.

Those conversations also show Lion was involved in the Furry community, a subculture that idolizes anthropomorphic animals, essentially animals depicted with human characteristics. Often called Furries, the community sometimes dresses up as animals and gathers at social events.

When confronted by the landlord and police, Lion was wearing a holster, which held his sidearm. It could not be determined if Lion had a concealed pistol license. However, during the confrontation with police, he allegedly made reference that he had a legal license to carry that he obtained in Georgia.

It was not clear how long Lion had been in Monroe or why he chose to live here.
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Aug 28, 2015

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Mar 21, 2019
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Jan 2, 2017


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Sep 26, 2018

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Feb 19, 2018

Ding ding ding. We have a winner.
Looks like it's time to give this guy an "inactive" tag.
He won't be doing anything interesting for a while.
Apparently he's now in stable condition. Get ready for a wild ride on this one.

2nd Edit:
Never mind, he ded now.
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Nov 20, 2019
That sure is something. Between Toast, Croco, and this, the early 2000s Michigan crew is rolling hard.
Croco now theres a name I haven't heard in ages.
Imagine being so delusional that you think you own the name to one of Disneys's a good thing we haven't seen any nudes from this guy yet.
Oh they are out there if you re
Holy Toledo, who taught a lion how to use a gun? In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight
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I feel like I'm on drugs. Who'd have thought this fucking nut would have the balls to go through on his constant claims of being a cop-killing human-hating badass?
Those that have known him for 15 plus years are not suprised at all. Chicago took away his guns for a reason.
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