Inactive Simba Lion / Steven Hopps - Actual legal name, claims Disney stole it, SHOT TWO COPS (AND DIED)

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Jan 17, 2018
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"survived by his brother, Christian (Phoebe) Hopps"

Does that mean his brother is a troon? FtM? Married?

Apteryx Owenii

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Nov 11, 2016
Damn surgeons causing us to miss the opportunity for an amusing trial or incarceration.

In all seriousness though, this isn't that surprising and it very well could have nothing to do with the hospital as a cause. Getting shot a number of times is often survivable, but it's real dicey. Especially if you get hit in the abdomen. The fact that there were multiple surgeries spread out makes me think they were trying to stop him from circling the drain but it was too hard to plug the leak, wherever it was. At some point when multiple organs start failing it's time for palliative care because further surgery will just kill the patient on the table.


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Jul 10, 2017
The funeral home made a mistake on their website. They’re editing it now.

No, the debt was Simba’s and the family is not responsible.

technically the landlord would have a claim against the estate. But I can’t see the King of the Jungle having had any assets worth going after to settle it. At least with Simba gone the other residents are probably happier and complaining a lot less.

Nov 20, 2019
Note how there's no mention of the shooting on the profile, but his FA has been quietly marked as deceased. There's only two options.

1. Neer is watching the page and deleting any shouts mentioning the shooting because he thinks he's the savior of the furries by removing any and all negative mentions of shit furries pull. WHAT NO furries could NEVER shoot someone *banhammer*

2. Nobody literally cares enough about Simba to even leave a mocking message or even mention his death on his own page.

I don't know which option is sadder.
I actually told FA myself about this so they would mark it dead. Figured it would be the quickest way to spread the news to anyone not following. Plus, his profile was locked from comments by Simba himself so might as well.

Jul 26, 2017
Woooooow! I’m pretty in shock right now. I had been coming on here regularly to keep tabs on him, since I was pretty sure at some point in life he was going to come shoot me. But I guess I let my guard down for awhile, I wasn’t even aware he had come back to Michigan! I’m still trying to process this whole situation! While I’m very relieved that I’m safe now, and that he didn’t actually kill anyone, part of me is sad and grieving the person I knew before all the craziness began. I wish I had known he had died, I would have gone to the funeral, I know his mom would remember me. I hope your crazy ass is resting in peace now Simba!
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