Manosphere Simon Alexander Öhlund / Simon Öhlund / Simon Ölund / SwedishElliotRodger / SWEDISHGOD28 - Pedophile and wannabe-rapist. Fucks his cat.


Apparantly he's threatened another girl yesterday, saying he was gonna rape her. His name is blowing up again, specially in all girls-forums on facebook. Is anyone still sitting on the vid with his cat?
Link it or take screens then would you?

Though tbh I really stopped caring about Simon at this point, and that comes from someone who is easily entertained in general. He's an attention whore, and nothing but that, all the way through.
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Desmond Hume
He’s on Flashback again, upset about people talking about him. Thread (in Swedish):

First post translated:
This is the image of our lovely fucking society going down a shithole, I must admit. A feminist who doesn’t dare to show her face is spreading videos about me, as well as another girl who sits on social media and posts stuff about me without even contacting me or my mother. Can I report this somehow? I feel like punching the shit out of those who do things like these to people.” Along with a broken Twitter link, a link to a Dailymotion video and a link to this thread on KF.
The rest of the thread is mostly just other users calling him stupid, luckily.


Seinor Geinus.
The rest of the thread is mostly just other users calling him stupid, luckily.
I remember him mainly from the old Super Play Forums and his stupid "Cactus-league" or whatever... who was to be this stupid Gay OP who took down forums that called him out. Ränderna & Tigern...

Does he have any crimes under his belt besides the fine or does he just say things to try and be the edgiest edgelord that ever edged? Overall this cow seems pretty boring and undeserving of comparison to the Supreme Gentleman.


Professional Tax Investigator
He sent a follow-up message asking why we're talking about him and if we're obsessed with him

His thread isn't even among the most active threads on here


Seinor Geinus.
How does it feel, Simon, that you are basicly a tamer, watered down version of KimmoA? The same amount of autism, but not "dangerous" enough to be considered a threat to anybody? (I guess you should be happy that you aren't known as a pedo) In fact, i am constantly mixing you two guys up so i don't remember if it was you or him who used to take pictures when he/you whips his cock out while mama is driving the car?

After everything circulating around me on the internet i have nothing to lose anymore. I fucked up my life and i dont care if i go out and rape or grope girls anymore.

Why would anyone want to talk to a worthless piece of shit like you?
I would have killed you if i saw you in real life here in sweden without hesitation.
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I'm not mad at anyone, honest.
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- Lives in Sweden
- Gropes women because he hates them
- Commits bestiality
- Watches child pornography
- Unwarranted sense of self importance

Are we sure this guy isn’t a Muslim?
He wouldn't be a bitter incel if he were, because it's Sweden. He'd just actually go rape some women and then be given a medal for it.

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