Postmortem Site compromised 10-Sep-2019 -


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So on a lighter note, as I was looking through my 'doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxqs' i found this in the conversations.txt.:
Dynastia has been organising the sending of penis photos to women for
harassment purposes on a near industrial scale.
I don't know where this stems from but lol. I love this site and its users:story:.

Also glad to see that the incident hasn't really deterred people from posting. If you post on what is considered an incendiary site like this, without means of masking your actual location and info, you are a dumb nigger.


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Ladies and gentlemen. The face of the culprit, the haxx0r of the Farms. I'll follow up with proof once I have a coherent document.
EDIT: Does anyone else see something sketchy about this picture? Is it legitimate or is it AI created? I'm having a hard time telling.

Looks like one of those AI-generated nonexistent dudes.


Well fuck.
Thankfully it was a throwaway email (just like this account lol) and I could give a fuck what happens to it, but still. Ouch.


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My job unintentionally doxed me some years ago. It was not even online, but print.
My job required me to have a social media presence, so I don’t actually have any personal ones. So thankfully I’ve never been at risk for being doxxed via email addresses or social media accounts.
But I still stand by the fact that there is no value in doxing a total nobody like me
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Wow, that's an awful lot of posts from people implicated with the same IP all at once, at the same timezone. I'm gonna have to put my thinking cap on for this one. How do we solve this mystery?
Why would I have multiple accounts on this site and one of them would use a username that leads to my real identity and Why would I use a throw away email address, but use a username I used elsewhere?



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That's a PIA server, rétard.
dig +short
It only means both null and some random dude used the same VPN service with their location set to NY. You can take any PIA gw and there's a good chance of finding hits.
FWIW here was my thinking, I'm sure @Philosophy Phil can back me up on this based on what I've shown him.

Null has used multiple IP addresses. Only one of those IP addresses was used by multiple accounts. My assumption is that whoever hacked null, didn't think to remove the IP address they used during the hack.

That IP address was used by multiple accounts. I narrowed that list down, and told this dude. I told him to keep me updated and we'll look into it together.

He went rambo and posted a whole bunch of shit based on a whim, despite my cautioning him not to.

Still a perfectly valid lead, even if Shanghaiguy isn't the dude (he wasn't on the list I sent).

Hint: look up other IPs used by the same shared IP null used.

Didn't even need IP addresses/whatever nerd bullshit to debunk this tho. You could just look at their profiles and tell they're not the same people, none of them.

And sorry if this is too bitchy but when someone's first reaction to a picture of a human is "does this look AI generated to you??"... they have crippling autism and you should proceed with caution.

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